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Feeling Stupid

Friday 1 May was the 12th birthday of my eldest granddaughter Caitlin. Caitlin has faced a lot of challenges in her life thus far, in fact we almost lost her when she was just 18 months old, however other than the fact that she has a cochlear implant you would not know it today, she is a beautiful, charming young lady with a big heart and much courage.

Yesterday Brian and I took Caitlin shopping for her birthday present, this is something we do with all the older grandchildren, as grandparents we never really know what to buy, and as we found yesterday, Caitlin found our taste in clothes for her amusing to say the least.

Anyway after looking through all the shops at the Elizabeth Shopping Centre Caitlin settled on a black cardigan made with glittery wool, a pretty top which came with a trendy little necklace that she fell in love with, and a very sparkly ring.

When we dropped her back home we went inside to see the reaction of her parents to what she had bought, my son Kane was dubious as everything she bought made her look older, but he knows he can’t fight it.

This is where Papa was made to feel very, very stupid, I still can’t believe what I said so here goes. I was explaining to Kane and Kristin that the necklace was hooked into the inside straps of the top Caitlin bought, so they could just unclip it and connect to any top she wished, how very clever I thought. Then it hit me, if you can unclip it then you can obviously clip it around her neck. Duh! Enough said.

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