Last night I went to see one of my sons, he has not lived where he is very long and this was only my second visit, and the first by myself at night without Brian driving. Can you see a pattern developing?

Anyway off I went to where I thought he lived, and after driving around for a while I called Brian to see if he could remember how to get there only to find that he was having a senior’s moment as well.

You know the saying “there is more than one way to skin a dead cat”, my apologies to all the feline lovers, I had my phone so I thought I would use the Maps App and see where it took me. I could not get the damn thing to display anything other than my home address. What to do next? I did not want to call my son and own up to the fact I did not know where he lived so I called my oldest son Kane. After a couple of calls Kane talked me through how to get there, and before I knew it I was parking out the front of the correct block of units, what a relief.

Now you would think that nothing else could possibly go wrong at this point, well think again. I remembered that my son’s unit was the second one in and as I walked towards the unit the roller door opened and out reversed a car, bugger I thought, he is on his way out so I rushed over only to see his former partner in the driver’s seat, I flicked my head in the direction of the unit as if to say “Is he inside”, and she kind of nodded so I walked through the garage to the door.

Next thing I hear a woman’s voice saying excuse me but who are you and what are you doing in my garage…..Oops! Wrong garage, it was not my son’s ex partner, and I was feeling kind of stupid.

After apologising profusely to this poor girl for frightening her, and being quietly thankful that no male companion was around to punch me in the nose, I reoriented myself and walked off to the correct unit. I won’t make the same mistake again.

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