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Strange Pets

Like most children I had quite normal pets when I was growing up, we had a number of cats and goldfish at different times, one dog, and of course there was my racing pigeons, not really pets but that will do for the sake of the exercise.

In turn my own children had their own pets, again a number of cats and goldfish, a couple of dogs, an axolotl, and hermit crabs. I wouldn’t say they were deprived of pets would you?

Well apparently the axolotl and the hermit crabs did not satisfy their urges for the unusual. Son number 4 has the goldfish, dog and cat, but not Son number 3, no he has a saltwater crocodile, not a particularly big one at the moment but the potential is there. I hear on the grapevine that he wants to add to his menagerie, I shudder to think.

Shudder is exactly what I do when I now visit Son number 1, he has a guinea pig, two dogs, a cat, a tortoise, and a budgerigar, nothing unusual there you might say, but then there are the four rats, and why does he have four rats, why to breed and feed his two pythons, why else? Why else, to scare the crap out of his father that is why else.

Thank you Son number 3, you only have a dog and he is on holiday with us.

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