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Skin Deep

You know the old saying that beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes right to the bone, well I don’t think they were talking about looks here, they were referring to our souls, our attitudes, the way we treat others. You know that other old saying do unto others, I believe in that.

I will never understand why we cannot accept ourselves with all our flaws, particularly the physical. I know that being overweight is not a good thing, so yes we should probably all be conscious of our weight, just as long as it does not become a obsession and lead too far the other way, being too much under weight is just as serious.

What I do not understand is people’s obsession with cosmetic surgery, in particular the female obsession. I ducked for cover as I wrote that one. Nose jobs, boob jobs, butt jobs, the list goes on. I am all for plastic surgery for medical reasons, but not for reasons of pure vanity, of not being happy with how you look, and don’t blame the men in your life, if they cannot love you as you are they are not worth the effort. I ducked again then.

I think we have all had a giggle at those that take things too far, it’s sad really, sad that they feel they need to go to such extraordinary lengths to be beautiful, when really they look ridiculous. If I was younger and single I don’t think I would be attracted to someone who had obviously had plastic surgery, I would prefer to know what someone really looks like. I want to know what my children will look like to, I don’t like surprises.

Spray tanning is another obsession that I just don’t get, I am so tired, despite the giggles it brings, of seeing orange oompa loompas everywhere I go. Yes I know that oompa looopas are blue, but writing it made me laugh. I like looking at a nicely tanned body as much as anyone else, but I prefer it to look natural, although not to that dark, leathery state that also makes me laugh.

OK, that’s me done. Fire back, I can take it.


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