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Father’s Day 2015

Well that’s it for another year, Father’s Day 2015 is over. I am a happy man, I have seen all my sons and their families today, and that is all I ask. I don’t expect presents or cards, all I ask for is a visit, and that I got. Thank you boys, you don’t know how much today meant to me.

Ryan and his family came first, closely followed by Wade and Gink, then Blake and his daughter Jade, and finally a very hung over Kane and family. Not as young as we used to be hey Son, it takes a little bit longer to recover than it used to. Don’t get me wrong, Kane is not a heavy drinker, but it was a work thing and he had to entertain clients, at least that’s his excuse.

I called my own father this morning and will see him next weekend.  Father’s Day is not a big deal to him but he is getting older, and let’s face it none of us know when it could be our last.

I also remember someone who meant a lot to me for a very long time, he has been gone longer than I ever knew him, but his memory will always live on. Uncle Max was a substitute father to me at a time when I needed one, and I was not close to my own father. He will always have a place in my heart.

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