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It’s a birds life

Sitting here looking out the window I see a very persistent male dove cooing and strutting around the object of his desires, her response, to fly off and leave him to contemplate the love that might have been. Enter a pair of sparrows, and then just as quickly they are off again. A lone Murray magpie enters the mix, he flies in and struts around the yard as if it were his own.

A pair of starlings are now wandering around the yard, presumably looking for a tasty insect morsel, they are joined by an adolescent dove. What’s that I can hear, that male dove has found his true love again and is once again cooing and wooing in earnest.

That put an end to that, the dog has decided to go for a wander and has frightened them all off. Oh well it was a lovely few minutes at one with the birds.

A frustrated oldie

I try very hard to keep up with modern technology but the creators of this technology do not make it easy. I understand it is not possible to advise all users of a particular change or series of changes, but why do you have to make things so damned convoluted.

It doesn’t matter whether its software or hardware we oldies who are doing our best to try and keep up just find it more and more difficult. I just wish that these “gurus” of technology would have some consideration. Technology is taking over our world and we all need to adapt but a little help please.

Why take away the very tools that make life easier. Change for the sake of change, remember the end user is generally not as savvy as you.

Pigeon Loft Wanted

I am feeling rather frustrated at the moment, unfortunately I was not blessed with the ability to hammer a nail into a piece of wood, therefore I have no choice but to either purchase a ready-made pigeon loft or pay someone to build one.

I suppose it is hardly surprising that I can only find two Australian companies that actually build them, regrettably neither of them are prepared to return my emails, they must be inundated with work. One of them wants me to draw a plan of what I want, if I could do that I could build the thing, why can’t they just send me a quote for the perfectly adequate loft pictured on their website. The second one has some vague pictures and plans along with some very specific pricing, all I have asked is for a little more detail. It is all becoming too hard.

Now if I lived in Europe or the USA there is an absolute plethora of loft builders, however I imagine the costs to deliver to Australia would be uneconomical to say the least. My only choice now is to find someone who can draw to do a specification for me, and then find a handyman who can build it for me. I know exactly what I want which is a start, but that only adds to my frustration. I suppose the most difficult thing will be having something built that I can relocate when we move house in a couple of years time.

I had been hoping to be up and running for the 2016 breeding season, somewhere around September next year, but that means I need the loft in place ready for its feathered inhabitants by around July next year. I think I might be dreaming. Help me Universe.

Happy Anniversary

This week Brian and I celebrated 14 years of domestic bliss, and some times not so much bliss. We met on a Saturday night in 2001 and almost from the start we both knew we had something special.

It didn’t take long and we were living together so I eventually rented out my unit, the one fly in the ointment at that time was that I had not come out to my sons and therefore Brian was like a dirty little secret. Anyway before long everything was out in the open, I won’t say it was all smooth sailing, but now we are a fairly tight happy family, and have been for a very long time, in fact three of my four sons have lived with us at one time or another.

It has certainly been an eventful 14 years, Brian has had more jobs that I can remember but now he has a career and I could not be happier or prouder. I was made redundant from my job of 27 years just before my 50th birthday which was quite traumatic for me, but things have worked out for the best. If only retirement could come a little quicker.

In the last 14 years Brian and I have bought two homes, and two businesses have come and gone; that was our lowest point but we are now almost back on top, bigger and better than we ever were. At one point we also had two rental properties.

We have cruised around New Zealand, been to Tasmania twice, driven across the Nullarbor to Perth and back, and made numerous trips to Melbourne. We are now looking forward to our next cruise to New Caledonia, Vanuatu, and Fiji, it cannot come quick enough.

Would I change anything, not really, everything we have been through together, both the good and the bad, has brought us to where we are now. I wouldn’t swap him for the world and I can’t wait to see what the next 14 years will bring. Happy Anniversary!