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Unique House of Gifts

Unless you are new to my blogs you may recollect that Brian and I have previously run a couple of small businesses, albeit with no success. That does not mean I have lost the will to run a business, in fact it means the very opposite, I need to prove to myself that I can run a business, a successful business.

There are innumerable small businesses operating worldwide, and many times I have asked myself how, may of those I have had experience with appear to be successful in spite of themselves. Indeed a number of the small businesses I have worked for have made many questionable decisions in my humble opinion, and yet they are in business and I am not.

I now have the bug again, and so does Brian, enter Unique House of Gifts, the online gift store we are currently working on. What will make this gift store different to the others, not much I suspect but we are going to give it a try anyway.

We hope that the eclectic array of gifts on offer will be enough to give us that edge. I am keen to offer a personalised range of gifts, Brian would like to offer an alternative, non politically correct range. The choices are endless, we could have an adults only section, a section for collectibles where we can sell old vinyl records, my vast collection of theatre programs, sheet music, pianola scrolls, and whatever else I happen to see in the odd garage sale or second hand store. You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It could be fun.

It has now been a couple of weeks since we started out on this venture, and I have to admit it is not as simple as I thought. Use Shopify we were told, it is dead simple we were told, well guess what it’s not. At the moment it is doing our heads in. This afternoon we will give it another go and then decide whether to call in an expert.

Will Unique House of Gifts be a success, who knows, will it provide me and then possibly Brian the opportunity to retire and run the business full time, who knows. What I do know is if we don’t try we will never know, so watch this space, as soon as we are ready to launch the business you will be the first to know.

In the meantime follow this link https://fettleandbloom.com.au/ and support our good friends Jo and Kate as they launch their new business. Best of luck girls.

English as a foreign language

Having just returned from holidaying in China, Vietnam and Cambodia, and listening to what seem very convoluted languages, it has made think of the idiosyncrasies of the English language.

Rain, reign, rein – Though, through, rough, bough – Court, caught, sought, sort – Boy, buoy – Soon, look – Time, thyme – Lead, led – Search, lurch – Stair, stare. The list goes on.

Then there are the works that don’t even look the same but are pronounced alike. Fought, caught, rort.

What about words that are spelt the same but pronounced differently depending on which way they are used. For example, “Have you read any good books lately”, ” Can you read“. If English is not your first language good luck to you.

By the way the holiday was great, or was that grate?

Back to work

Back to work tomorrow, oh how I wish I could walk in and announce my retirement, I am so sick of what I do. People keep telling me to look for something else, if only it was that easy. I will be 60 this year and I have a very limited skill set, no-one is going to employ me for the same money I am on now if they have to retrain me from scratch. I have little to offer an employer other than life experience. There are plenty of much younger people out there with more to offer.

At the moment the worst case scenario is that I will retire at 65, the thought of doing what I do for another five plus years makes me want to throw up. It is not so much the actual job itself, but the way I am treated by some of my clients. I am so very tired of being sworn at and spoken to like a piece of trash, and all because people don’t understand, nor do they wish to know, the limitations on what I am allowed to do. The general opinion is that if they want it I should drop everything and do it, regardless of the consequences and the other 1200 or so clients I have, and whether what they are asking is compliant with the relevant governing Act. I am told I am gutless and unhelpful, and that is when things get personal, and I am expected to take it.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a number of clients that think I am wonderful and understand the limitations I must work to, but it is the arrogant and rude clients that unfortunately stick with you and can ruin the rest of your day or week.

What is it that I do I hear you ask, I am a Body Corporate Manager. If you own a Strata or Community Title property think about what I have written before you next spew forth your venom on your hard working strata manager. I know I am not alone in this, strata managers all over are being subjected to the same vilification that I am. Please remember we are people to, we have feelings and like everyone one else we are not infallible. Please give us the respect that you expect, and know that the we have your best interest, and the best interest of all owners in your corporation, at heart.