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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 September 2013

We had an early start this morning picking up Wade and Gink from Adelaide Airport. The boys had six days in Cairns and they certainly crammed a lot in, they both looked relaxed and happy, what more can a father ask.

Tonight we went to a barbecue at their house for Wade’s 25th birthday which is actually tomorrow. In all three of my sons and four of my grandchildren were there, it was a good night. We came home quite early as Wade had a number of his friends there as well, sometimes Dad just has to know when its time to go.

I am very pleased to see the Fremantle Dockers will be playing in their first AFL Grand Final next Saturday against Hawthorn. Both teams deserve to be there but I really hope Fremantle take the honours, it is their nineteenth season and it would be great if they could have a win.

It has been a beautiful day in Adelaide today, a little rain this morning, just enough to water the lawns. Tomorrow we are house hunting again, we are both looking forward to buying our own home again.

I’m a bit pooped right now so think  I will hit the sack. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..16 September 2013

I’m feeling a tad weary tonight as I had an early morning start. My youngest son Wade and his partner Gink flew to Cairns for a holiday this morning and big-hearted Dad offered to pick them up and take them to the airport. North Haven to Salisbury Downs to Adelaide Airport then to work. I no complain, I would do it again, but then I remembered that Number 1 son Kane has to drive almost straight passed the airport every day to get to work. Duh!

Yet another example of just how small Adelaide is, the other day I had an AGM and I was a bit early as was one of my clients so we started chatting about things in general. As this particular client is a dentist talk soon turned to the braces I had on my teeth when I was in my early teens. I mentioned how uncomfortable they were 40 years ago and I hoped that technology had improved them.

For some reason I still remember the name of my orthodontist, Dr Jenner, low and behold he is still practising and my dentist client knows him. I though he was old 40 years ago but it turns out he was only in his mid twenties. I also found out that there are only around 40 orthodontists in all of Adelaide, who would have thought.

It is blowing an absolute gale outside, I can hardly hear myself think. Time for bed I think. Goodnight.