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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..4 May 2014

I have just turned on my computer for the first time in a week and we had 82 emails, only 39 of which made it through the filters to our Inbox. It certainly makes you wonder what other sort of rubbish is out there trying to get through.

It’s been a week since I have written but despite my eldest Son Kane turning 35, my eldest granddaughter Caitlin turning 11, and both Mum and Dad turning 79, it has been quite a lack lustre week, nothing very much to write about. It was a busy week at work but again nothing worth mentioning.

What happened to my beloved Adelaide Crows yesterday, beaten by Melbourne who couldn’t win a chook raffle until yesterday. Even though it was only a three-point loss it felt more like a 43 point loss, better luck after the break boys, I hope.

Lat night we looked after five of our grandchildren, and even though the three girls had some issues as girls do, it was a fairly uneventful night, they were no trouble at all. We looked after them at Kane’s so they had their own beds and lots to keep them occupied, but I have to say Son that your lounge is bloody uncomfortable.

It has now been a week since Brian’s medication was changed and there is  a real difference in him, he is sleeping much better, in fact he is snoring like a banshee now, and you can see he is not in nearly as much pain. Medication is only a band-aid effect though, he still needs to see his specialist and discuss his options.

Birthday girl Caitlin saw her specialist this week and unfortunately the results of her bronchoscopy were not good so this Friday she is off to hospital for a coupe of weeks on an IV, my poor baby. On a brighter note Blake is revelling is his new role in Alice Springs, as well as being the Assistant Manager at the Lasseter Health Club, he is now the DJ at a local club two nights a week, and has been living the “high life” having been interviewed on local radio and then yesterday a hard day in a corporate tent at the Alice Springs races. Landed on your feet Son, it’s about time. 🙂

Well like I said quite an uneventful week. Bye!

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 March 2014

That was a lovely way to spend a Saturday night, good friends Jo and Kate came for dinner, not only did they come for dinner but they bought dinner with them as well. Jo made a Coq Au Vin which was delicious and we finished off with an Apple Streusel cake for dessert that I made. A couple of gin and tonics and some wine later, not to mention a few laughs, and they night is over. Thank you for a very enjoyable evening again girls.

What can I say about the Adelaide Crows, my beloved Adelaide Crows, what a disappointing loss, two games in to the season and two losses, come on boys. I do have to say one thing, no excuses but there were some very disappointing umpiring decisions, against both teams. This happens in almost every game every weekend and never do you hear anything about the umpires being taken to task for their poor decisions, they seem to get away with anything.

Brian is still in a lot of pain, not even a couple og glasses of wine have taken the edge off for him. We were talking about it yesterday and I think he needs to give serious consideration to surgery. My ex-wife had back surgery and she has never looked back. It is a big decision and only he can make it but I think it is worth a try, anything has got to be better than what he is currently living with, this type of debilitating pain saps your soul. Brian puts on a brave face and a good show, but no-one sees what I do.

I read a very sad article the other day about a baby girl who died just five days before her second birthday, that’s right her second birthday. This poor little angel had cancer, what a terrible life this poor child had, a life of cancer, and of pain, no child deserves that. This is one of the reasons I do not belive in God, how could any god let a child suffer in that way. I do believe in fate though, and I do believe in the power of the Universe, unfortunately it was this child’s time. Tell that to her parents, my heart goes out to them.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..2 September 2013

I’m back, did anybody miss me? For those who did, my minions, I have been ill, the dreaded lurgy knocked me rotten for a few days. I’m not yet 100% but am feeling very much better, thank you for asking.

I came home from work early on Friday as I felt dreadful, and I then got progressively worse and did not leave the house all weekend except for an appointment with my doctor. Nothing we can do he tells me, stay warm, get plenty of rest, take Panadol, and drinks lots of fluids, so that is what I did.

Father’s Day came and went, we had plans with my boys but they had to be cancelled. All the boys did the right thing though and sent me messages, and even though Ryan knew I was ill he popped in with his family to see how I was and to change Calais‘ dirty nappy. Thank you Son, Happy Father’s Day to me, just as well I had a blocked nose as well.

Yesterday I started to improve slowly and today I went to work, I probably should not have but I did. My ribs are very sore from coughing and I don’t know what I have done to my hip but that has been killing me all day.

The Adelaide Crows did not make the AFL finals, what a bugger, but the signs are very good for next year. lots of young talent. Speaking of young talent Lynton, my last man standing, just got pipped at the post by Emma on MasterChef. Such a lovely young man, I am sure he has a massive future in the food industry, I really hope he achieves his dream.

I am ashamed to say that I saw something tonight that made me laugh, when what it should have done was brought out my caring side. I walked into our local supermarket behind quite a large young woman, her track pants were riding down and her top was riding up, and what was flashing in between, toilet paper, that’s right she had toilet paper sticking out of her track pants. This poor young girl probably walked the length and breadth of this supermarket with everyone gawking at her and laughing behind her back. I should  have told her. For what it’s worth I am sorry.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 August 2013

What a good start to the weekend, the Adelaide Crows beat Melbourne, now I know Melbourne have not been setting the world on fire but a win is a win, and they thrashed them. What could be better than that, I’ll tell you what, the Fremantle Dockers thrashed Port Power. I can hear all the Port Power supporters now, all telling me that Port are still above the Crows on the ladder, what can I say, you are right, end of story. All I have to say is watch out in 2014.

Staying with the AFL the logic of spending millions of dollars revamping Adelaide Oval and making AAMI Stadium redundant is beyond me, have I missed something along the way. We currently have a perfectly suitable venue at West Lakes with plenty of parking, where are 40,000 people going to park in Adelaide?

Brian and I have just got home after having dinner with good friends Margaret and Jamie, Margaret cooked a lovely Chicken Cacciatore and a pudding for dessert. Thank you for a lovely night, great food and great company, and the best bit, someone else is doing the dishes. Next time it is our turn again, I will cook and whatever will not fit in the dishwasher will be Brian’s problem.

I had a really busy week at the office, Friday was meant to be a catch-up day but it didn’t happen, maybe Monday. I have no meetings next week so I should be able to get things up to speed and do some site visits as well.

For the second week in a row Brian and I had a small win on the lotto, not enough to pay for the next week but I am not complaining, any amount coming in is a good thing and greatly appreciated. Thank you Universe and thank you for reading.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 August 2013

What a great weekend this has been, one of the best weekends I have had in a very long time. My granddaughters birthday and my god-daughters wedding yesterday, and Port Power lost, and then today the Adelaide Crows were back on the winners list, they still can’t make the finals but you get that.

When you consider the Crows injury list they really have not disgraced themselves for the most part, although they have had a couple of very forgettable games. I hope the coaches and players alike have learnt from their mistakes this year, I certainly don’t think there have been some very wise decisions made at times. In my opinion Josh Jenkins has not lived up to the hype, perhaps Lewis Johnston should have been played earlier. Rory Sloane, Patrick Dangerfield, Daniel Talia, and Richard Douglas have been the shining stars, Scott Thompson has had an off-year, and Tom Lynch has been a revelation.

Tonight my youngest son Wade and his partner Gink came for dinner, nothing fancy just ravioli and for dessert a banana cake that Gink made. I feel like all I have done is eat and drink this weekend. Yesterday at the wedding I drank by body weight in brandy which is most unlike me, yet I felt as sober as a judge.

We had a nice visit with Wade and Gink, I quite enjoy grossing Gink out, and I do it so well, it made Wade laugh. Now they have gone home and it is back to our normal Sunday night and I am so bored, there is just nothing on television that grabs me.

That is the weekend  that was, the start of a new week tomorrow, I wonder what that will bring.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 July 2013

They’re the pride of South Australia, they’re the mighty Adelaide Crows. That’s right the Adelaide Crows are back on the winners list this week having beaten Geelong by 2 points, and what a game it was. The boys knew this was their last roll of the dice for Season 2013 and they fought hard all afternoon, it was a nail biter. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and the win. Now let’s focus on next week, the finals are still a chance, never say never.

Brian is downstairs cooking corned beef and vegies for dinner, a good hearty winter meal, I am quite looking forward to it. I am so hungry tonight I could eat a horse, but I suppose I will settle for cow.

I thought I would pop upstairs and write now as our Sunday night is fully booked with our favourite television shows, The Block Skyhigh, MasterChef and Escape to the Country. What an exciting life we lead. Wouldn’t swap it though, there is a lot to be said for a quiet life, and we are not getting any younger.

That being said I can smell dinner, it must be almost ready. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..8 June 2013

What a lovely day we have had today. We slept in a little later than normal but an hour later we were out for the start of a very busy day, and weren’t the idiots out in force on the Northern Expressway, maniacs speeding all over the place.

First stop Elizabeth City Centre as Brian needed some new work pants and we were looking for a birthday present for soon to be 6-year-old grandson Jayden, he has put his order in for a remote control helicopter, but a bigger one that he already has. It’s not looking too good buddy, Papa can find lots of helicopters but they are all little ones. I still have Harvey Norman, K Mart and Toys’R’Us to try so fingers crossed.

Second stop my son Blake’s for lunch, he made a chicken and pasta dish that was very tasty, I had no idea he could boil an egg, it was great son, thanks. While we were there my granddaughter Jade read me her reader, she speaks very softly but she did very well.

Next stop back home as we needed to tidy the house for visitors this evening, and I made an Orange and Polenta cake to have with our coffee after dinner. Cake made, floors washed, time to watch the first half of the football, I did not need to watch the second half. What is wrong with the Adelaide Crows, is this the same team that did so well last year and promised so much this year. Pull your fingers out boys, you are letting yourselves down.

Dinner tonight was at the Largs Pier with good friends Jo and Kate. We always have a good time with these good friends, great food, nice wine, intelligent conversation and maybe some not so intelligent conversation after the nice wine. After dinner back to our house, more wine, coffee and cake. I could not fit another thing in, I am fit to burst, pants undone and stomach bulging. What a great day.