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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..5 February 2013

This morning another close encounter with a cyclist, this time the bright spark decided to pass the cyclist in front of him and in doing so came right over into my lane, not even a backward glance to see if a car was coming, idiot. In saying that since when is the bike lane for motorbikes, I am seeing this a lot lately, it will end in tears.

I haven’t felt the best today, I don’t think it is my diabetes, I just have a really sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Why don’t you go to the doctor I hear you ask, what an excellent idea, I called to make an appointment and they cannot get me in for a fortnight. Not acceptable I tell the receptionist, so now I am going to a different clinic, still part of the same group, to see a doctor I have never met before. Not happy Jan. What if I was off work and required a medical certificate, too bad.

Even though I was off colour I worked my butt off today, and am now fairly close to where I should be. Only one person turned up to my adjourned IGM, which is one more than I expected, but as he had attended the original meeting he was gone quick smart. My first AGM for the year is on Thursday morning, and so it begins.

One thing I am truly tired of at the moment and that is chasing tradies for quotes. They say times are tough, but obviously not if you are a tradie, as some of them are in no hurry for more work. I have archways supported by props which is a dangerous situation, but do you think I can get a quote, I am sick of the excuses.

I complain, I complain, I complain, that is all I seem to be doing lately. Maybe I should change the name of my blog to “Thoughts of a grumpy middle-aged man”. Thank you for reading.

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