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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..8 May 2013

The Chemist Warehouse in Port Adelaide, the worst customer service of any business I have ever dealt with. While the pharmacists receive prescriptions, make them up, and then dispense them, the sales staff, who could be receiving and dispensing prescriptions leaving the pharmacists to do their job and make them up, walk straight past waiting customers. There was one girl today walking around with her arms crossed, while I observed a customer walking around looking for someone to attend the check out so they could pay for their prescription. It is not often I complain but I did today.

I managed to catch up with Dad today and we had a good chat before going to the nursing home to visit my stepmother who is in respite. Dad looked much better today than he has in the last couple of years, I think the break from Joy, who is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, has done him some good.

I have seen a different side to my Dad, he has always been so gruff yet today he was so tender and loving towards my stepmother, it was very moving. He really is very lonely without her, yet it is too much for him to be her full-time carer. I feel very sorry for him as he has a very difficult decision to make, it is just a matter of whether his head or his heart will prevail.

I can’t tell Dad what to do, the decision must be his, however I tried to make him think about the consequences should he keep Joy at home and something were to happen to him, she would not remember the panic button. I can only imagine the fear that would engulf her if she could not wake him up, it is too horrible to think about.

My Dad has been forced to do things and face emotions he has for years avoided or tried to ignore, my stepmother has always done everything for him. Some would say it is karma, but Joy does not deserve that, I am just so very proud that Dad has risen to the occasion.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 March 2013

I’m back, sorry I have been a bit slack this week but I have been very tired and just not up to writing. It has not been a very eventful week either so it has probably worked out for the best. Today however, well that is another matter.

Last night Brian and I met some of his work colleagues at The Bath Hotel for a couple of quick drinks after work, and today we had intended to stay at home as we have a 50th birthday party to attend tonight, a good friend from my days at Solver/Wattyl.

The best laid plans of mice and men, Brian propped himself upstairs on the Internet this morning looking at real estate, the next thing I know we are out the door and on our way to an open inspection. On the way we stopped at the Chemist Warehouse in Port Adelaide as I needed a couple of prescriptions, terrible service. The pharmacists areĀ flat-out taking prescriptions, making them up andĀ  dishing them out, while the other staff take their time, oblivious to the workload of the two poor pharmacists, and when they do serve you they cannot even crack a smile.

Off to Vista to check out this house, quite a disappointment, a huge block on an a very steep angle, plenty of room for my racing pigeons but the house was a let down. Back in the car to head home and we spy another couple of open inspections, again nothing very inspiring. One house advertised landscaped gardens front and rear, if you call dead lawn and uneven concrete paths landscaping then it was landscaped. The agent was none too happy when I pointed out their false advertising.

I also took the opportunity to show Brian one of the houses I grew up in, it was almost unrecognisable, but then again it has been 40 years since we lived there. We also drove past the site of my old primary school, you know you are getting old when your primary school has been demolished, Hope Valley Primary School, a lifetime ago.

Now we are back home to get ready for tonight’s festivities. Enjoy your weekend and thank you for reading.

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