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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..8 November 2013

Last night I had the best sleep I have had in over a week, apart from the obligatory middle-aged bladder wake up calls, three last night if I recall correctly,  my cough did not bother me, but tonight is a different matter. I have not had bronchitis in years but I have got it good now, and the medication I am on is knocking me rotten, two nights straight I have been snoring like a banshee at 7.30 on the lounge. I am also finding that after my morning dose I am a bit unsteady behind the wheel of my car, just as well I only have a few days left on those.

I love Fridays at the office, I get so much done. For some reason the phones go very quite on a Friday, not that I am really complaining as I was badly in need of a catch up day.

The changes to the Strata and Community Titles Act came into play on 28 October, not that they bother us too much as we found we were already compliant simply by the way we conduct our business.

As usual we have a busy weekend ahead, washing, house work, ironing, Kristin‘s 30th birthday party tomorrow night, and whatever else the weekend may bring. The next few weekends are all busy, at some time we have to make time to do the Xmas shopping.

I think I’ll hit the sack now, the cough medicine has kicked in and my cough has subsided for the moment, I had better try and get some sleep while I can.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..4 September 2013

I had a bit of a hairy drive into work this morning. I was driving along Port Road minding my own business when this idiot sped up next to me straddling my lane and his, and almost side-swiped me, he then sped off tail gating other drivers, cutting others off as he changed lanes, until finally he turned right , no indicator, what a surprise. Arctic Express was the name on the truck, a great advertisement for his boss.

We got some good news at the office today, my boss came through his surgery well and his condition is quite good. He will still be off for a couple of weeks but things are definitely looking up for him. I am very pleased, they are a wonderful couple to work for.

It looks like we have another corporation moving over to us as well, business is booming. We are a rapidly growing company in a rapidly growing industry, the future is very bright.

I am still feeling a bit off, blocked nose, sore throat, and a nagging cough. I went to the chemist and bought some cough syrup and throat lozenges so with any luck I might actually get to sleep right through the night tonight. I asked the girl behind the counter if there were any tablets I could take as I hate the taste of cough medicine, she offered me an alternative but I stuck with the liquid. Looking back I felt quite embarrassed, a grown man who did not want a liquid medicine because it tastes yucky.

It’s almost time for the pre-election media blackout, I can’t wait, I am so tired of seeing the same ads time and time again. Roll on Saturday when we will have a new Prime Minster and new hope for our great country. When my kids ask who they should vote for I ask them one question, “Are you better off now than you were a few years ago?”. If the answer is yes vote Labor, if the answer is no then vote Liberal. I will be voting Liberal.

There is not much on television tonight, I have just had a good laugh at Big Brother and that is pretty much that for a Wednesday night. I have just paid a couple of bills, emails checked, Facebook checked, time to go. Bye!