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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 February 2013

You know one of my pet hates, I know what you are thinking, not another one is there anything that does not gripe this guy, road works well not road works as such just their damn signs. What really gripes me is that you have to slow down even when no-one is working at the site, why can’t they take their signs with them.

Brian and I used to live in Clayton Bay on the southern Fleurieu Peninsula, and on the road between Clayton Bay and Finnis there were road work signs for months but no workers, and I see it in the metropolitan area all the time, really frustrating.

I did have a good day at work today, I almost caught up but not quite, and I pumped a crap load of work through. Fingers crossed, pending what comes in over the weekend, by Monday night it should be clear sailing for a few days at least.

Brian’s back is particularly bad again, he is having an MRI scan on Monday followed by yet another medical procedure on Thursday, this time they feel he may have damaged a disc. I know he is well and truly over it and I hate to see him in constant pain, we can only hope that this time he gets some relief.

The thought of him having to live with this pain for the rest of his life is gut wrenching but there are lots of people worse off, he has nothing terminal not that it makes him feel any better. I have to give it to him though, most of the time he does not let it stop him, he works through the pain and his career is going from strength to strength.

A busy weekend ahead so goodnight and thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 January 2013

So much for Telstra telling Brian they would increase our download allowance for this month, our internet connection is still running like a dog and I am pretty frustrated. At least I only have to wait until 22 January for it to roll over again, however in the meantime one must learn patience.

That is the end of week one back at work, and what a week it has been. I have one corporation in particular that is really pushing my buttons, and I have been working my butt off to clean up the mess I inherited from a previous strata management firm since we took them over in November. It is really tempting to tell them to go take a hike, but why should another strata manager reap the benefits of my hard work, I am going to slog this one out if it kills me.

You know what I think, I think I would make a really good judge, whether it be a talent quest, beauty pageant, film festival or a cooking show I don’t care, I know what I like. I am truly sick of the judges on some of these shows, jumping around the stage, clutching at their chests, fanning their over-excited bodies, wiping away a crocodile tear, they are so fake and some of them I think  are out of touch.

Don’t get me wrong I am under no illusion that I could not possibly judge on artistic merit, the correct dance step or extension of the arm, but I do know what I find entertaining, I know what I like. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have an average Joe on a judging panel, it would mix things up and make it interesting. No more divas, no more tantrums, just an honest opinion untainted by reputation, just telling it like I see it.

That brings me to the TV Week Logie awards coming up in just a couple of months. I remember the days when you could vote for any actor or any television show you wanted, but now someone else makes those decisions for you, who is that decides who we can and cannot vote for, somebody with little or no idea that’s who.

Thank you for reading.