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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..17 January 2014

Not that I am complaining but it has been as hot as hell in Adelaide this week and tonight it is blowing a gale outside, the temperature has dropped dramatically from the 40 plus we had earlier today and it is wonderful.

My son Kane and his wife are having a great time in Phuket, they have gone white water rafting, on an elephant trek, all kinds of things one does on holiday that one does not normally do. Kristin put a photo of them on Facebook both atop an elephant, Kane looked quite grand, sitting proudly like an experienced mahout, but poor Kristin looked like she was hanging on for grim life.

Now I have to confess that when it comes too my food I can be quite adventurous, I am certainly the one who will try almost anything, but last night I watched a documentary about eating insects, the food of the future that will save our planet. Not my thing, I think if I really had to, but definitely not by choice.

I understand from the documentary that 3 billion people around the world eat insects on a daily basis, particularly those from what we call third world countries. I suppose in the west we should not be so proud, we are truly spoilt. Thinking back to the vision of those poor impoverished souls with their humble lifestyles, they seemed happy with their lot, they really do put us to shame, we waste more food on a daily basis than these people see in months.

It did make me think though, what a lucrative business it would be to harvest insects and sell them to these countries, or better still give them as part of our foreign aid program, the “farms” could be worked as part of the “work for the dole” program. How many locust plagues have we had? The “livestock” virtually rear themselves, there is no real animal husbandry involved, and we would be helping those less fortunate. Who knows, we westerners might actually try them and like them. Food for thought, if you will excuse the pun.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..12 January 2014

Yesterday I posted the following completely innocent status on Facebook, “I’ve decided to stop wearing underwear”. What most people didn’t realise is that it was part of a silly little game currently doing the rounds on Facebook. I got more comments on this status than anything I have posted since I first started on Facebook. I am pleased that it made so many people smile, I have certainly had a good chuckle reading their comments.

This morning Brian and I took another two bags of clothes to St Vinnies, there are three bins at the local store and all three were chock a block full, with considerable overload stacked at the front of the shop. It is good to see that so many people are donating their old wares to this charity, it pleases me to think that my old clothes, some of which are actually not all that old, they have just shrunk slightly in the wash, will be of benefit to someone else, or help a very deserving charity raise some much-needed funds.

Back to the office tomorrow, lord knows how many emails I will have waiting for me, fortunately I don’t think there will be anything too urgent as my bosses have been taking the emergency calls and they would have called me.

My first meeting notices for 2014 will be in the mail tomorrow afternoon, and I have a new corporation to collect from a rival strata management company later in the week. I am quite looking forward to that as two of my former colleagues now work for this company so I will get a chance to say hello.

That’s it, holidays over, only another 49 weeks until the next lot. Rock on 2014.


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 December 2013

What a peaceful afternoon I am having, Brian went to visit a friend and is now at one of my least favourite places IKEA. What don’t I like about IKEA, you cannot just walk in and get what you want and walk out, you have to walk all over the damned place before you reach the cashier, really annoying when you dislike shopping as much as I do. Brian has now realised it is much better if he just lets me stay home.

What have I been doing since he left, reading my book, watched a rerun of Charmed, and done a couple of loads of washing. Nothing stressful, just enjoying a simple day at home, much like I will for the remaining two weeks of my annual leave while Brian goes back to work tomorrow.

Yesterday we had a lovely day in Clayton Bay, lunch with two of our favourite ladies, Marg and Mary, then a quick visit with Jan and Harvey. We caught up on the latest gossip around town, Brian who is the font of gossip filled them in on a few things he knew via Facebook, and then we were off home.

I have to confess I am becoming a little fed up with eating Xmas leftovers, the salads are long gone but the meat, we have so much meat it is not funny, if only we had a dog. I have promised Brian tonight is the last night, we will bin the rest and get back to a nice cooked meal from tomorrow night. There is one small problem, Brian usually cooks as he gets home from work before me, but as I am on holidays I get the short straw……Bother!

Thoughts of a middle aged man….10 November 2013

I have written and rewritten todays blog over and over in my mind, to say what I really want to say will cause offence to some so I will try to walk the fine line. The last couple of weeks have been very difficult for me, I have had to contend with my son’s illness and I have had bronchitis. All I can say is thank you to my Facebook friends and to the strangers that read my blog, thank you for the support you have offered, I am very grateful.

I have just watched Miss Universe, contestants from 86 countries, supposedly the most beautiful in the world. I think the judges got it right this year, congratulations to Miss Venezuela and the runner-up Miss Spain, two very beautiful women. I thought of something that might add some degree of interest to an otherwise quite mundane show, bring back some of the former winners, all we ever see is last year’s Miss Universe.

Last night we celebrated the 30th birthday of my daughter-in-law Kristin, Kane‘s wife. Kristin has had a somewhat bumpy few years that I will not go into, and both she and Kane are dealing with that, but last night she was in her element. Thank you Kristin, for making my son so happy, may you have many more happy celebrations.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 September 2013

Today we spent house-hunting and we found a lovely house in Brahma Lodge. I do not want to live in the northern suburbs but this house had a lot going for it, not to mention a very reasonable price. I think a house is part aesthetics and partly about the feel of the house, and although we would have had to make some compromises this house had a nice family feeling about it. It is just a little bit premature, but if it is still available in a few weeks it will be a definite contender.

We saw a number of other homes today, we just drove around looking for signs. Some of what we saw was simply awful, completely unloved and too much of a project for us, we are not handymen. One house in particular smelt and was very unkempt and poorly presented, yet they want top dollar for it.

After a flying visit to Kane‘s because my back teeth were floating it was home for a short snooze on the couch. Now I am bored, there is nothing to watch on television, Facebook is being a sod, and for some reason last night’s blog did not post properly.

My youngest granddaughter Calais has conjunctivitis but I am pleased to say that my son Ryan remembered the old wives remedy, cold tea. One problem though son, just dab it in here eyes with a cotton wool ball, but ten out of ten for remembering.