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A Family Wedding

Yesterday Brian and I attended the wedding of my niece by my marriage to my ex-wife Paula. The wedding was held at St Laurence Church in North Adelaide, a beautiful old church.

My niece Nicky was very nervous but absolutely beautiful, as was my other niece Diana who was maid of honour, my great-niece Mikayla who was bridesmaid, and my great-great-niece Charlotte, who was flower girl. Martin, Nicky’s husband, looked very smart as well.

Nicky’s wedding was a welcome chance for me to catch up with my former in-laws to whom I was very close whilst married to Paula, in fact we are still very much family and I look forward to every opportunity to catch up. The fact is that I still feel closer to Paula’s family than I do my own.

The reception at the Radisson Playford in Adelaide was a very spiffy affair, the room was beautiful, and the food was exceptional. My only complaint was that the DJ was a bit loud, or that might just be me getting old. My sister-in-law Dina, Nicky’s mother, made the wedding cake, it was truly beautiful, I defy anyone to buy something better.

Brian poor thing got a bit bored, let’s face it they were never his family he has just inherited them, and although he has met most of them several times, and they have always treated him with the utmost respect, he has little to talk to them about. He did the right thing by me though which is the most important thing, and he got stopped by a breath test station on the way home but was clean as a whistle.

Unfortunately, and to Nicky’s dismay, only two of my sons and their partners were able to attend the wedding, she would have loved to have shared her day with them all but it was not to be. I am just very touched that after all these years Nicky still wanted to share her day with me.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 December 2013

What a peaceful afternoon I am having, Brian went to visit a friend and is now at one of my least favourite places IKEA. What don’t I like about IKEA, you cannot just walk in and get what you want and walk out, you have to walk all over the damned place before you reach the cashier, really annoying when you dislike shopping as much as I do. Brian has now realised it is much better if he just lets me stay home.

What have I been doing since he left, reading my book, watched a rerun of Charmed, and done a couple of loads of washing. Nothing stressful, just enjoying a simple day at home, much like I will for the remaining two weeks of my annual leave while Brian goes back to work tomorrow.

Yesterday we had a lovely day in Clayton Bay, lunch with two of our favourite ladies, Marg and Mary, then a quick visit with Jan and Harvey. We caught up on the latest gossip around town, Brian who is the font of gossip filled them in on a few things he knew via Facebook, and then we were off home.

I have to confess I am becoming a little fed up with eating Xmas leftovers, the salads are long gone but the meat, we have so much meat it is not funny, if only we had a dog. I have promised Brian tonight is the last night, we will bin the rest and get back to a nice cooked meal from tomorrow night. There is one small problem, Brian usually cooks as he gets home from work before me, but as I am on holidays I get the short straw……Bother!

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 December 2013

Today was a day of very mixed emotions. This afternoon I went to see Dad for Xmas, when I arrived he was mopping his bathroom floor, a very unfamiliar sight. Dad has never done much for himself, he has certainly not done any housework, but now with my stepmother in an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s he has little choice. I had been worried that Dad was not looking after himself but he has surprised me, it is amazing what you can do when you have to, I felt strangely proud of him.

After a bit of a chat we went over to the nursing home to see my stepmother, it has only been a few weeks since my last visit but she has visibly aged, at least 5-10 years, she looks dreadful. I was pleasantly surprised when she called me by my name, that won’t happen for much longer so I will treasure each visit as if it were my last.

Joy wanders off quite regularly now, both mentally and physically. I was walking her to her room when she just decided to toddle off in the opposite direction and leave me standing there, she has also started seeing things that are not there, and making abstract comments about nothing in particular.

Dad has decorated her room as best he can for Xmas, he really has no idea but I found the attempt extremely emotional. He has made an effort to bring Xmas to the love of his life, and she does not even realise he has done it. I feel so sorry for him, he is very frail himself and he misses the woman he treasures terribly.

On the way home I got a call from a very old and dear friends husband to give me the sad news that her cancer has returned. This is someone I grew up with and although we do not see each other often I love her dearly. My dear friend, I hope you have the strength to fight this as you have done before. My thoughts are with you and your family.