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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 September 2013

We had an early start this morning picking up Wade and Gink from Adelaide Airport. The boys had six days in Cairns and they certainly crammed a lot in, they both looked relaxed and happy, what more can a father ask.

Tonight we went to a barbecue at their house for Wade’s 25th birthday which is actually tomorrow. In all three of my sons and four of my grandchildren were there, it was a good night. We came home quite early as Wade had a number of his friends there as well, sometimes Dad just has to know when its time to go.

I am very pleased to see the Fremantle Dockers will be playing in their first AFL Grand Final next Saturday against Hawthorn. Both teams deserve to be there but I really hope Fremantle take the honours, it is their nineteenth season and it would be great if they could have a win.

It has been a beautiful day in Adelaide today, a little rain this morning, just enough to water the lawns. Tomorrow we are house hunting again, we are both looking forward to buying our own home again.

I’m a bit pooped right now so think  I will hit the sack. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 August 2013

What a good start to the weekend, the Adelaide Crows beat Melbourne, now I know Melbourne have not been setting the world on fire but a win is a win, and they thrashed them. What could be better than that, I’ll tell you what, the Fremantle Dockers thrashed Port Power. I can hear all the Port Power supporters now, all telling me that Port are still above the Crows on the ladder, what can I say, you are right, end of story. All I have to say is watch out in 2014.

Staying with the AFL the logic of spending millions of dollars revamping Adelaide Oval and making AAMI Stadium redundant is beyond me, have I missed something along the way. We currently have a perfectly suitable venue at West Lakes with plenty of parking, where are 40,000 people going to park in Adelaide?

Brian and I have just got home after having dinner with good friends Margaret and Jamie, Margaret cooked a lovely Chicken Cacciatore and a pudding for dessert. Thank you for a lovely night, great food and great company, and the best bit, someone else is doing the dishes. Next time it is our turn again, I will cook and whatever will not fit in the dishwasher will be Brian’s problem.

I had a really busy week at the office, Friday was meant to be a catch-up day but it didn’t happen, maybe Monday. I have no meetings next week so I should be able to get things up to speed and do some site visits as well.

For the second week in a row Brian and I had a small win on the lotto, not enough to pay for the next week but I am not complaining, any amount coming in is a good thing and greatly appreciated. Thank you Universe and thank you for reading.