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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..10 May 2014

There is a lot of talk at the moment about the Federal Budget to be released next week, all pain and no gain so the sceptics say. I am a big believer in tough love so if the government says we need tax cuts then we need them, if the government says I have to work until I’m 70 then so be it, I trust those that I helped vote into power. Of course every man and his dog has an opinion, and we do live in a democracy so they are perfectly entitled. Economists and laymen alike have their own theories on what the government should do to increase revenue and decrease spending.

Here is my two cents worth, I don’t think we need to decrease spending or increase taxation, not without trying something completely different first. What we need is a cashless society, there are businesses out there by the score still dealing in cold, hard cash, don’t tell me they don’t skim it, they’d be mad if they didn’t. If we had a cashless society there could be no skimming, revenue would have to go up as all income would be declared. Here’s a wacky thought, we might even cut cash related crime in the process. Food for tought.

This afternoon Brian and I went to see our granddaughter Caitlin in hospital. Caitlin suffers from CVID, Common Variable Immune Deficiency, and while she can fight it most of the time every now and then she needs a little help, hence a stint in hospital. Whilst there we looked in at the Starlight Room, this is a room set up with computer games and arts and crafts for the sick kids to use, a great initiative by the Starlight Foundation.

Today would have been my 34th wedding anniversary, it seems like a lifetime ago. I wonder if my ex-wife gave the day a second thought. It wasn’t all bad, I do have some happy memories, and I have four wonderful sons to be thankful for, but my life now is very different and I am very happy. For what it’s worth, I would not change a thing.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 September 2013

It is not often I have anything positive to say about the Labour Party but I heard something on a news broadcast the other day that the Labour government in South Australia is implementing which I applaud. I am not 100% certain of the facts but I believe the state financial records will be made available to all South Australians via the government website. Although we cannot be sure about how accurate these figures will be I am willing to give Mr Weatherill the benefit of the doubt for the moment.

One step forward and two steps backward, today I hear the SA Labour government will be cutting jobs and hospital beds in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, a tragedy waiting to happen. It came as no surprise to me that some people are blaming this on Mr Abbott. Mr Abbott is the federal Prime Minister Elect, he cannot do anything yet.

As a father of 4 and grandfather of 8 I have spent my fair share of time at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and cannot speak highly enough of the staff. If it were not for these wonderful people I would not have at least one of my grandchildren now, we cannot cut staff or beds at this hospital. If anything with our ever-growing population we need more hospital staff and beds period.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 January 2013

Brian and I had a lazy day today, we both slept in quite late and have done very little all day. Kane and his wife Kristin came for tea with their 4 children, and we had a surprise visit from another grandson Cody with his mother and two of his cousins on his mother’s side, all in all not a bad day.

Tea was nothing flash just chicken, chips and salad followed by cheese cake. The grandchildren all have good appetites and ate quite well and then ran it off playing with their father in the backyard while we watched. They have just left and we have cleaned up what little mess there was as Kane and Kristin had already done most of it.

I heard the other day some rubbish on television about abolishing the states here in Australia, I am a firm believer that if it aint broke don’t fix it, so I am completely against this ridiculous proposal. In saying that however, I do feel there is much room for improvement, I think  Australia is too small a country to have different laws for the same thing in different states, I would like to see that changed. I also do not think the states should have separate state taxes from the federal taxation system.

Should the federal government take over responsibility for all the laws of the land, and all legislation, with common Acts for this and that  surely there would be some cost savings, it could then become the responsibility of the state governments to police this and ensure compliance. I suppose I am very naive but that is what I think.

While the government is about it, increase the driving age to 18, increase the legal age for voting, drinking of alcohol and the like back to 21, and decrease the hours during which alcohol is available for purchase. Thoughts of a middle-aged man is quickly becoming “Thoughts of a Grumpy Old Man” 🙂

Thank you for reading.