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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..10 April 2013

Another shooting tragedy in the USA, this time a 4-year-old boy accidentally shot his six-year-old playmate in the head and killed him. My question, how did a 4-year-old child get hold of a loaded gun? I hope the parents of this child are prosecuted, this poor child is scarred for life but at least he is alive. What will it take for the gun lobbyists to admit they have it all wrong.

Today was my day off, I got a haircut, just the one, washed my car, did the washing, and ironed some shirts. What an exciting life I lead, but someone has to do it and Brian works longer hours than I do at the moment.

In  saying that Brian and I have always had our set household duties, that is how we make things work. We also have our set financial commitments, he pays the rent or mortgage and does the grocery shooing, and I pay all the household bills and insurances. I think each couple needs a system, set responsibilities, and what we have works for us and always has done. One thing we have never argued about, and we have had a few over the years, is money.

Brian sold his Magna the other day, it has been a great car for us but we do not need three cars, and as Brian now has a company car, it was time to go. That reminds me, I had better find the insurance papers and cancel the insurance before the next premium is due.

I have had what I think is a good idea for another on-line business. I don’t want to give anything away at this point but watch this space.

I am feeling a bit droopy tonight, I only had a one hour nap today. Thank you for reading, and goodnight.

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