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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 September 2013

That was one heck of a day. It started when I went downstairs this morning, Brian was just about to leave and he looked up at me and he looked dreadful so I told him to stay home. He said he felt breathless and had a bad night, his back was sore and he just looked terrible. We assumed his asthma was playing up so he changed from his work clothes and contacted his boss to say he was ill.

I got ready for work and as he seemed no better but no worse I went to work. Barely five minutes later he called me as he could hardly breathe and told me he had called an ambulance so I turned around and came back home, arriving as the ambulance car did. Fifteen minutes later the ambulance arrived and Brian was on his way to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Ay this stage they were starting to think he may have had a heart attack rather than it being asthma, so they sent him for x-rays which showed his chest was clear, and started to treat him like a heart attack patient. The ECG and the blood tests all came back negative so he is home resting and we are none the wiser about the problem, although he has another blood test tomorrow and a stress test on Thursday.

During all this they took quite a bit of blood from him, although they had a lot of trouble finding suitable veins, they kept sticking the needle in but nothing flowed. In the end I said just stab him, he will bleed eventually, Brian did not see the funny side to this but the doctor and I thought it was mildly amusing.

After I got him settled at home I went to work about 3.00pm as I had a 5.00pm Inaugural General Meeting with a new corporation, and wouldn’t you know, not one of the buggers turned up, I was pretty crapped off.

The good news is that Brian has tomorrow off to build his strength and he is feeling much better tonight, thank you Universe, I don’t know what I would do if anything ever happened to him. Who am I kidding, I would do exactly what he would do if the shoe was on the other foot, spend the insurance and have a ball 🙂


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..3 July 2013

Yesterday was a bit ordinary, I woke up as usual, which is much better than the alternative if you get my drift, and proceeded to go downstairs for breakfast. I had my cereal in the microwave, my cup of tea brewing, and had just poured my juice to take my daily handful of prescription drugs when completely out of the blue I got the most awful stomach cramps. One hour later, when I thought it was safe enough to drag myself from the toilet, I called in sick and went back to bed, and seven hours after that I woke up. My diagnosis, a mild case of food poisoning, I have had the severe case twice previously so give me a mild one any day.

I still did not feel the best but thought I would call the office to see what had happened as today is my day off, but if it had been busy and I was feeling better I thought I might go in. Lucky for me it had been a quiet day so I was told to have my day off after all. I am feeling much better today, still not 100%, but much better. Incidentally I lost 600 grams yesterday so it was not a complete loss, then again maybe it was.

Today is my one year anniversary at my now not so new job, my how that time has flown. I started at 3 days per week with 65 corporations, and am now at 4 days, soon to be 5, with 84 corporations and growing, there are another 3 in the wings. Tomorrow morning everyone from the office is meeting for breakfast which should be fun, celebrating my milestone and a couple of others besides.

I found out yesterday that one of my dearest friends lost her mother last Friday, my heart goes out to her. I think what makes it particularly sad is that my friend lives here in Adelaide and her mother lived in Queensland so she was not there at the end. It just goes to show that you need to make the most of every opportunity with your loved ones, I am so grateful that my children all live in Adelaide.

That’s enough from me. Thank you for reading.


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 February 2013

I did not get to the nursing home to see Mum today as I had quite an upset stomach this morning. This has become a common occurrence of late so I am looking forward to my test results on Wednesday, with some trepidation I might add. The doctor has my results and says it is not serious, but there is still something wrong.

Still at the moment I am much better off than Brian, fingers crossed his MRI will tell us something in the morning, fingers crossed even tighter that the specialist will be able to do something to give him permanent relief. There is a very long life ahead of him the fates willing, and I do not want him to spend it in constant pain.

This week promises to be a very busy one yet again at the office. Being busy the time does fly, I can’t belive we are nearly at the end of February and the last week of summer, not that I am complaining about that, I hate the hot weather.

Poor me, I did not have my Papa nap today so am feeling quite tired. Thank you for reading, watch this space tomorrow.

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