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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 January 2014

So where did Justin Bieber go wrong, he started out as a fresh-faced kid singing catchy songs. He was well-known for his charity work and people such as Ellen DeGeneres talked him up as a paragon of virtue……Slips!

I would be ashamed to call this boy my son, to say he has gone off the rails is an understatement. Under-age drinking, drugs, driving without a licence, the list goes on. What about his legion of young fans that look up to this loser, parents encourage your children to find a hero elsewhere, only by turning our backs on this boy will he learn. Where will he be in 10 years time if he continues like this, with all the others who trod this path before him and left our world too soon. It is a one way trip to oblivion.

Fame puts too much pressure on young shoulders, let your children be children, there will be enough pressure on them as adults, don’t wish their lives away. It is time for this boy’s family to intervene before it is too late.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 December 2013

I think it almost blasphemous to mention these two people in the one blog, but here goes.

My eldest granddaughter Caitlin, like millions of young girls the world over, simply adores Justin Bieber. It does not seem that long ago that Justin was a fresh-faced kid just starting out in the music industry, he came across as a lovely young man who was highly thought of by his peers and his fans, Ellen DeGeneres sang his praises for his charity work. Look at this boy now, a spoilt brat on a one way course to self-destruction like so many others before him. Many of his fans are too young to read about his antics, all they care about is the music and his “pretty” face which will soon fade if he continues on this path.

At the other end of the spectrum today the world lost a truly great man in Nelson Mandela. I remember at school learning about historic figures like Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan, in the years to come school children the world over will learn about Nelson Mandela, a hero not only to the people of South Africa but  to everyone that believes in racial tolerance and freedom. The world is a better place for Nelson Mandela, and a poorer place for his passing. Rest in peace Madiba.

More in the news today about boat people, asylum seekers that have landed on Christmas Island in search of a better way of life, who can blame them. I hear all the knockers sprouting about the flaws in government policy, but just think about it, it is a big world out there and our navy cannot possibly be everywhere at once, boats are going to slip through. Get a grip.