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Father’s Day 2015

Well that’s it for another year, Father’s Day 2015 is over. I am a happy man, I have seen all my sons and their families today, and that is all I ask. I don’t expect presents or cards, all I ask for is a visit, and that I got. Thank you boys, you don’t know how much today meant to me.

Ryan and his family came first, closely followed by Wade and Gink, then Blake and his daughter Jade, and finally a very hung over Kane and family. Not as young as we used to be hey Son, it takes a little bit longer to recover than it used to. Don’t get me wrong, Kane is not a heavy drinker, but it was a work thing and he had to entertain clients, at least that’s his excuse.

I called my own father this morning and will see him next weekend.  Father’s Day is not a big deal to him but he is getting older, and let’s face it none of us know when it could be our last.

I also remember someone who meant a lot to me for a very long time, he has been gone longer than I ever knew him, but his memory will always live on. Uncle Max was a substitute father to me at a time when I needed one, and I was not close to my own father. He will always have a place in my heart.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..14 June 2014

Damn chilly in Adelaide today, winter really is here, even with the gas heater on I am having trouble staying warm.

After a lazy morning, we got up at 10.00, this morning we tried out our new Nutri Bullet for the first time. We decided to start with the first recipe and work our way through, this morning was kale, pineapple, pear , apple and banana, an interesting mix, pretty green. Iw ouldn’t say I disliked it, but I wouldn’t say I liked it either, the texture was interesting. We are not going to give up on it though as it did fill us up, tomorrow’s concoction is berries.

Breakfast finished it was off to buy a birthday present for 7-year-old Jayden, Kane told me he wanted a real cricket set, nothing plastic. We searched the length and breadth of the Elizabeth Shopping Centre but no cricket set to be found, so we continued on our way to Sportspower, again nothing. In desperation I decided we would buy everything separately, Jayden would not care as long as the end product was what he wanted. The guy that served us said he would check out the back as there were no wickets on display and to my pleasant surprise he happened to find a lonely cricket set that had been forgotten about, I was happy, I had what Jayden wanted.

Next stop was to pick up Jade as we have not seen her for a while and I thought it would be nice if we picked her up so she could see her cousin for his birthday. Jade is gorgeous, she chatted all the way and by the time we arrived at Kane’s Jade had us up to date with all the goings on in her life.

To my disappointment Jayden did not seem all that excited about his cricket set, but I suppose a cricket set cannot really compete with the present he got from his parents, an X-box. We stayed at Kane’s for an hour or so and then headed home, we did not see the kids once, the entire visit they played on the X-box. It is not often I don’t get a cuddle but today was one of those days.

Kane on the other hand is very excited as he picked up his new car yesterday. Don’t ask me what it is, it is a 4 wheel drive of some description, all I know is that my son is very, very happy, and that is all that matters, he works hard and he deserves it.

I have just watched Port Power get beaten by the Sydney Swans in the AFL, and Brian is having a siesta. It is nearly time to wake him up as we are out for dinner tonight. Vietnamese cuisine with friends from my days at Wattyl.

Thoughts of a middle aged man….10 November 2013

I have written and rewritten todays blog over and over in my mind, to say what I really want to say will cause offence to some so I will try to walk the fine line. The last couple of weeks have been very difficult for me, I have had to contend with my son’s illness and I have had bronchitis. All I can say is thank you to my Facebook friends and to the strangers that read my blog, thank you for the support you have offered, I am very grateful.

I have just watched Miss Universe, contestants from 86 countries, supposedly the most beautiful in the world. I think the judges got it right this year, congratulations to Miss Venezuela and the runner-up Miss Spain, two very beautiful women. I thought of something that might add some degree of interest to an otherwise quite mundane show, bring back some of the former winners, all we ever see is last year’s Miss Universe.

Last night we celebrated the 30th birthday of my daughter-in-law Kristin, Kane‘s wife. Kristin has had a somewhat bumpy few years that I will not go into, and both she and Kane are dealing with that, but last night she was in her element. Thank you Kristin, for making my son so happy, may you have many more happy celebrations.