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Thoughts of a middle aged man….25 September 2013

It seems I spoke too soon, Brian went to work this morning only to turn right around and come straight back home, completely breathless. He is at the doctor as I write, I wish they could find out what the problem is. Tomorrow he has a stress test at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, but as he cannot run a treadmill due to his back they will simulate that same stress medically. I can’t say I am wrapped in the idea.

I had to go out this morning as I needed a couple of things and I had to get petrol. As I was filling my car this moron drove into the petrol station with a lit cigarette, admittedly he was sitting in his car, but he then got out of his car, cigarette in hand, and walked through the service station and into the shop. I assume no-one has ever told him that petrol is flammable.

This brings me to a funny conversation I had at work yesterday about cremation, what is funny about a cremation I hear you ask, a firemans widow who arranged for her husband to be cremated in his uniform. I had always hoped, for the sake of the fireman, that their uniforms were made of a fire-retardant material. Duh!

Ten-year-old grandson Cody played a prank on his Nana last night, he left his iPad at her house, hidden of course, with the alarm set for 2.30am. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall as Jenny ransacked her own house looking for that alarm. What a cracker, love that little boy. The moral of the story, always make sure Cody takes his iPad home.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..1 February 2013

You know every now and then you see something that defies imagination, for me that happened today, not just once but twice. Driving to work this morning I noticed a young woman riding her bicycle in the bike lane, nothing extraordinary about that, until she ran a red light. Coming home this afternoon, the same young woman and another red light. Some people just do not think about the consequences of their actions, not just to them but the other poor sods on the road as well.

It must be my day for a gripe because I saw something else that set my blood boiling. Driving home, minding my own business, and as I was waiting for the traffic to move I noticed a woman who dropped her lit cigarette butt out of her car window. This sort of thing really gets me going, anyone who is stupid enough to do this in the metropolitan area will do it in the country, and that is how bushfires start. All cars have an ashtray, use it.

I read today that Craig Thomson was strip searched, normal police procedure, what a load of tripe, what did it achieve other than to humiliate the man who is innocent until proven guilty. This guy had no idea he was going to be arrested, he was not arrested actually doing anything illegal, he had no time to hide anything on his persons. If that is normal police procedure, then maybe the procedure should be changed, sometimes common sense needs to prevail.

Although I got a huge amount of work done today I still have to work on Monday, but I am not complaining. Neither is Brian, he started his annual leave today so he gets another day of peace and quiet without me. Dinner had better be on the table when I get home. 🙂

Thank you for reading. If you have ever wondered why I say “Thank you” each night, it is because of the law of attraction, I figure if I say thank you more good luck will come my way. It can’t hurt to try, and I really am very grateful to everyone that takes the time to read this blog.

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