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Advance Australia Fair

What is happening to this wonderful country of ours. This week there will be a party vote on the leadership of the Liberal Party, and therefore just who will be our Prime Minister. Now I don’t know about you but I voted for Tony Abbott and would do so again, what right do the politicians have to decide who will lead our country, that is up to the people, regardless of which political party is in power. The Australian people voted Mr Abbott and his Liberals in, and the Australian people should be the only ones who can vote them out.

I don’t want a repeat of the Labor leadership debacle that so undermined our political system a couple of years ago, I thought the Liberals were above that. I am very disappointed.  In saying that any Liberal leader would be better than the current leader of the opposition, I do not recall a less inspiring character heading one of our major parties before.

During the last period of Liberal opposition there were a number of changes in leader and what happened, Labor were voted in and retained power for some time, learn from the past and leave Mr Abbott and his eminently capable Foreign Minister Julie Bishop right where they are. Prime Ministers have been unpopular before and they will be again, let the people decide.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..17 September 2013

I have never thought of myself as a particularly political person but I have read so  much rubbish since the federal election I feel compelled to keep having my say. The latest whine revolves around the fact there is only one woman in Tony Abbott‘s first cabinet, notice I say first, but what a gutsy woman Julie Bishop is, a definite asset to Mr Abbott and the Liberal Party. Ms Bishop is a very graceful and elegant woman, but also very strong and forthright, she is not a token woman. Granted it would “politically correct” to have more women in Cabinet, but if the experience is not available then so be it, better luck next time. I would much prefer experienced campaigners in Cabinet.

This brings me to the negative vitriol that now seems endemic in the Labor Party and their supporters, there is just no tolerance for anyone else’s opinion as is obvious from what I am reading on Facebook. I think it is high time we respected each others different point of view, by all means express your opinion but not in a way that is demeaning to the opinions of others.

Now for Clive Palmer and the Palmer United Party, when I first heard Mr Palmer was running for federal parliament I thought why not, but after hearing some of the things this man has said I am astounded. How can he possibly compare our system of government, our process of voting, with that in some Middle Eastern countries. To even suggest the Australian military is secretly plotting against ordinary Australians is beyond comprehension. I truly hope for the sake of Australia this guy drops off the political landscape as quickly as he appeared on it.


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..8 September 2013

Brian and I have just arrived home from 3-year-old grandson Zak’s birthday party. You can’t complain about an afternoon you get to spend with 7 of your grandchildren and three of your children, almost complete, almost perfect.

The grandkids had a great time with a few ring-ins courtesy of Kane‘s mates and their children. All the children love the trampoline which is where they spent most of their time, when they weren’t eating party food anyway. The adults put away their fair share as well. It brings me great joy to see my family together. No tears, no fights. Needless to say we are both knackered and we left straight after the birthday cake, a birthday cake complete with the obligatory spittle courtesy of a very excited birthday boy.

On the way home we stopped at an open inspection we wanted to see, one of those that looked a lot better on the website than in the flesh so to speak. The house was very small and not very clean, and the slope the house was on, let’s just say I do  not want to go from a 2 storey house to a 3 storey block.

It didn’t take long did it, less than 24 hours after the polls closed, and before Mr Abbott is already sworn it, Labour supporters are touting him as the worse prime minster ever, give the guy a go. It is a shame that you can not accept defeat with some degree of dignity, you have three years to bag the guy, give us all a break. By all means have your opinion, but do it with some decorum and grace.

Stir-fry for dinner tonight, on the way home we stopped at the local Drake supermarket and bought fresh vegetables, and we have some chicken dumplings and noodles to go with them, followed by fresh strawberries and yoghurt, followed by a night on the couch.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..7 September 2013

The people of Australia have spoken, Tony Abbott is the new Prime Minister Elect, the Liberal Party are in power again and I for one could not be happier. I know I have friends and family who do not agree with me, and they have very valid reasons that I sympathise with, but the truth is the Labor Party shot themselves in both feet. I would rather have a united Liberal Party than the dysfunctional Labor Party of recent years. A resounding victory with a majority government, good stuff.

Kevin Rudd’s concession speech really dragged on, and I don’t feel he was at all gracious in defeat, whereas Tony Abbott’s speech was strong and to the point. Before you jump down my throat I do realise that Mr Abbott probably did not write his speech, I just hope that Mr Rudd did not write his either.

I believe Kevin Rudd has done the right thing by standing aside as party leader, but who will replace him. The short odds are on Bill Shorten, what an uninspiring man he is, he has no charisma, no pizzazz, no personality. For my money I would go with a wild card, look outside the square, someone personable and likable like Tony Burke, Tanya Plibersek, or even Penny Wong.

I must say I was impressed with the Channel 9 coverage of the evening’s events, I thought Channel 10 with the team from The Project may do a better job but I was wrong, I soon changed channels.

On a lighter note Port Power beat Collingwood to advance one step closer to playing in the AFL Grand Final, what a bugger. I may be a South Australian but I don’t like Port and that’s that.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 March 2013

Does Julia Gillard really believe that because there was no opposition to her during the leadership spill, and therefore she was re-elected unopposed yesterday, that she is still the best person to lead the ALP to the next election, surely she is not that naive. It looks to me like no-one else is game to take on the leadership at this point and become the leader that loses the election. Watch and see how quickly she is replaced after the election.

I don’t suppose you can blame them really, Ms Gillard is the one that has ruined the reputation of this government in the eyes of the Australian people, she is the one that stabbed Kevin Rudd in the back, let her get her just reward by being trounced at the federal election later this year. Why should someone else’s reputation be left in tatters.

I can’t say I was impressed with the way Kevin Rudd handled this situation either, apparently he has principles, he said he would not challenge Ms Gillard again, so he didn’t. Does that mean that we should trust a man who does not put his party and the people of Australia before his word to an unpopular leader, you decide. The ALP is hemorrhaging, it is only a matter of time.

This is yet another nail in the governments coffin, Mr Abbott must be over the moon as it makes his chances all that much better. Before all you ALP supporters get into me know this, yes I am currently a member of the Liberal Party, but I have also been a swinging voter in the past, and probably will be again. I believe in voting for the party that I feel can do the most for our country, in the past that has been the ALP, this year it will Mr Abbott and the Liberal Party, who knows how I will vote after that.

Thank you for reading.