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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 October 2013

I was stunned by something I saw last week. As I was driving home along the Esplanade I noticed a bus parked on the opposite side of the road, and then in front of me loads of school children being ushered across the road by their teachers, all this less than 5 metres from a perfectly functioning pedestrian crossing. Whatever possessed school teachers, people who are supposed to teach our children right from wrong, to think that ushering children across a busy thoroughfare is OK. They are very lucky I do not know what school they were from as I would have been on the phone to the principal the next morning.

I have written about this before, this is not an isolated incident, although I have to admit it is usually mothers rushing their children across the road within metres of a pedestrian crossing. These same mothers will scream the loudest and blame everyone but themselves should the unthinkable ever happen to their children. Wake up people.

Then there are the mothers in their big 4 wheel drives that think a big car gives them the right to own the road, to cut others off. These same mothers seem completely oblivious to life outside of their 4 wheel drive, particularly those driving a vehicle that is obviously far too big for them.

Another thing that gets my blood boiling, women putting on their makeup and doing their hair whilst driving. I will admit some of them do have the common sense to do so at traffic lights, if you can call that common sense, but then they just sit there and finish what they started when the lights go green.

That’s my gripe for the day.