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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..1 March 2014

Just when I was starting to think that perhaps I should put my foray back into pigeon racing on hold I stumble across the perfect start-up pigeon loft for sale. I have tried to ring the guy and have left a message, I really hope I get it.

Brian and I went to put on our lotto again this morning and behold another little win. Every week bar one since we have been in our new home we have won something, I really hope the big one is coming. Thank you Universe.

We bought some new curtains for the spare bedroom this morning, they look quite good, much better than what they are replacing. It is not that there was really anything wrong with the old curtains, it is just that they were floral and not to our taste. Off to St Vinnies with them.

Lat night we went to Little India at Osborne for dinner with a group of friends who had not been there before, we were quite disappointed, the food was great but the service was the worst it has ever been, one drink all night. To make matters worse the people we were with did not seem to enjoy the Bollywood style entertainment, and then there was a kerfuffle with the bill and Brian and I finished up paying much more than we should. We don’t mind picking up a bit of slack here and there but last night was a bit much. We shall have to work out a better method of paying the bill next time. I don’t think it was really anyone’s fault, it was just that the girl taking the money got confused with the Entertainment vouchers and while she took it off the individual accounts she did not take it off the balance, just one of those things 🙂

Another Mardi Gras and yet again it is not televised, what is wrong with the television execs, this is a major cultural event in Australia, it has nothing to do with whether you are gay or straight, it is pure entertainment. Maybe next year.


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..12 June 2013

Today has been my day off so I had a bit of a late morning. I woke up with a start as I was convinced it was Thursday and I should have been at work, it took a couple of minutes for me to realise I was twenty-four hours ahead of myself.

The gardener was supposed to come so I held off stripping the beds and doing the washing. He didn’t show which has really annoyed me as although I was able to wash the clothes and put them on the clothes airer, I could not strip the beds as I don’t know when he will come now and it is too wet to get it all dry.

I did catch up on my television viewing, MasterChef, The Truth Is, and The Americans. I am enjoying The Americans in particular, it is quite gritty and the acting is very good. I am not really sure what I think about The Truth Is, the presenter Hamish MacDonald really is reporting on some off beat situations but it is not completely grabbing me.

I have just had a phone call from Brian, a couple of hours ago he was in a car accident, nothing serious he assures me, and no-one was hurt. Luckily he did not jar his back, just some minor damage to the car, the other driver is also OK. He has reported the incident to the police but as it is too late to arrange repairs tonight he will have to do something tomorrow. He can drive the car but has no side mirror on the driver side which will aggravate his back as he cannot turn properly to check for oncoming traffic. The Universe was on Brian’s side today, thank you.

That’s it from me for today. Take care and thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..10 January 2013

I spent most of today reading a biography of King George VI, not everyone’s cup of tea I know but it is keeping me off the streets and I am quite enjoying it. The book is full of amusing anecdotes, most of which I have not read before. I only wish I could find biographies about lesser known royal houses as well, everything seems to be about the British.

When I was tired of reading I got onto YouTube, you guessed it, videos about racing pigeons. It is becoming quite difficult to find videos I have not yet seen as well, although there is one I might actually order, it is about a race held in Great Britain in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The Queen’s lofts are at Sandringham, the Royal Family have been involved in pigeon racing since the mid-nineteenth century when Queen Victoria’s uncle, the Belgian King Leopold, made a gift to her and Prince Albert from his own loft.

I also found the loft I want today, it is not exactly what I need but it is very close, and I could have it made with a few modifications and then complete the fit out myself…..Stop laughing Brian, you will be helping me. I think I might have to suck up to my eldest son Kane as he is currently the best handyman amongst my brood.

Tomorrow is the last day of my holidays, except for the weekend. I am really looking forward to going to work on Monday, I think it will be an exciting year as the business continues to grow.

Brian’s career continues to go from strength to strength, I believe his two cents worth is now worth about three cents. I have not seen him happier in his professional life, it is high time he found his niche, and find it he has, 2013 is looking very good for us both. Thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..7 January 2013

I learnt something about Brian today that has left me absolutely devastated, I though I knew him better than anyone but how wrong can you be, he is useless at charades, that’s right charades. I don’t know how I will ever be able to look at him the same way again. 🙂

Perhaps a bit of background, this afternoon Brian had a tooth extracted which left him unable to speak, it was bliss, for a while anyway. In an effort to communicate he resorted to gestures, it is safe to say that next time we play charades I don’t want him on my team. My bliss was short-lived, he is speaking again.

Only another couple of weeks and some of our favourite television shows will start to return, I cannot wait to watch something other than repeats. The only show currently on that is not a repeat, and that we both have a good laugh at is The New Normal, a show about a gay couple who engage a surrogate to have their baby. It is quite topical, humourous and sensitive at the same time, and runs the whole gamut of emotions. The two male leads do a good job. I know there a lots of other “new” shows on at the moment, but they do not appeal to us.

I never thought I would hear myself say this but I am really looking forward to going back to work next Monday.  I am bored stupid at home by myself, and today I did not feel the best which only added to the boredom. It was too hot to do anything outdoors, like I would do anything outdoors anyway but that is not the point.

I have picked up some new readers recently and am also getting a number of visitors which I am very grateful for. Please tell your friends, and thank you for reading.

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