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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 September 2013

Today is the 25th birthday of my youngest son Wade. Wade and I have not always seen eye to eye, and sometimes he is a little bit out there for my liking, but he is true to himself and what he stands for, and for that I am very proud of him. He has shown more courage in his life than I have, particularly at such a young age. Son I love you very much and I know you have a wonderful life ahead of you. Just remember to pick me out a nice nursing home with your brothers.

Now for a bit of controversy, and we all know how I like controversy, so here goes. There has been much talk in the Australian media this week  about same-sex marriage, the talk has been going on for years but it appears that now someone is doing something about.

For non-Australians the Australian Capital Territory is a quasi state in Australia, hence the name Territory, and there is a bill going before their local parliament to legalise same-sex marriage. The ACT would then become the first state or territory within Australia to legalise this. Now I am all for marriage equality despite the fact that Brian and I would never get married, but that is our choice, and that is what it is all about, freedom of choice.

This got me to think about the many different state and federal laws in place here in Australia, not to mention all the red tape and the bureaucracy to keep things running. Population wise Australia is a fairly small country on the world stage, so why do we need all these different laws, surely the Federal government could draft laws for all Australians, why do things have to be different from state to state.

I know I am probably over simplifying a very broad issue here, but sometimes simple can be good, remember the KISS principle, “Keep It Simple Stupid”. I know some laws may require a certain amount of tweaking here and there, but overall it should be all laws for one and one for all laws. There would still be a place for State governments, albeit a very trimmed down version.

That’s my opinion.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..17 September 2013

I have never thought of myself as a particularly political person but I have read so  much rubbish since the federal election I feel compelled to keep having my say. The latest whine revolves around the fact there is only one woman in Tony Abbott‘s first cabinet, notice I say first, but what a gutsy woman Julie Bishop is, a definite asset to Mr Abbott and the Liberal Party. Ms Bishop is a very graceful and elegant woman, but also very strong and forthright, she is not a token woman. Granted it would “politically correct” to have more women in Cabinet, but if the experience is not available then so be it, better luck next time. I would much prefer experienced campaigners in Cabinet.

This brings me to the negative vitriol that now seems endemic in the Labor Party and their supporters, there is just no tolerance for anyone else’s opinion as is obvious from what I am reading on Facebook. I think it is high time we respected each others different point of view, by all means express your opinion but not in a way that is demeaning to the opinions of others.

Now for Clive Palmer and the Palmer United Party, when I first heard Mr Palmer was running for federal parliament I thought why not, but after hearing some of the things this man has said I am astounded. How can he possibly compare our system of government, our process of voting, with that in some Middle Eastern countries. To even suggest the Australian military is secretly plotting against ordinary Australians is beyond comprehension. I truly hope for the sake of Australia this guy drops off the political landscape as quickly as he appeared on it.


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 September 2013

What a glorious and sunny day here in North Haven, South Australia, although it is very blustery, the good thing about that, washing done, washing dry, washing folded and put away. We know what that means, the ironing needs to be done, that is for tonight whilst watching the telly.

On a more sombre note, we have all heard the constant bagging this week by the Labor Party against Tony Abbott and the Liberals, and I for one am over it. What I have not heard in the last week is the Prime Minister Elect bagging Labor, Mr Abbott has been head down with his caucus  being briefed prior to the government handover and preparing for the journey ahead. Doing the job he has been democratically elected to do.

You know we really should consider ourselves very lucky, it doesn’t matter your political persuasion, the fact of the matter is that the Australian people have spoken and Tony Abbott will become our Prime minster this week, deal with it. On that note I applaud both he and Julie Bishop for their stances on cost cutting for international travel, not to mention the fact that Mr Abbott will be staying in dormitory style accommodation whilst The Lodge is being renovated. Every little bit helps.

We need only to look to countries like Syria, the human devastation is simply beyond comprehension. What those people would not give to have just a fraction of what we have in Australia, in particular a democratically elected government, and we think we have problems. Yes we are always under scrutiny for our treatment of the indigenous population, and yes we do have poverty, and yes we do have crime, and yes there is the boat people, but in Australia there is hope for all these things, where is the hope in a refugee camp?

A recent report said the Australian people are amongst the biggest givers in the world, we donate generously, I think that is great. What I do question is how much of that money actually gets to the people we are donating to, and how much is gobbled up in red tape and administrative costs, I suppose we will never know.


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 September 2013

It is not often I have anything positive to say about the Labour Party but I heard something on a news broadcast the other day that the Labour government in South Australia is implementing which I applaud. I am not 100% certain of the facts but I believe the state financial records will be made available to all South Australians via the government website. Although we cannot be sure about how accurate these figures will be I am willing to give Mr Weatherill the benefit of the doubt for the moment.

One step forward and two steps backward, today I hear the SA Labour government will be cutting jobs and hospital beds in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, a tragedy waiting to happen. It came as no surprise to me that some people are blaming this on Mr Abbott. Mr Abbott is the federal Prime Minister Elect, he cannot do anything yet.

As a father of 4 and grandfather of 8 I have spent my fair share of time at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and cannot speak highly enough of the staff. If it were not for these wonderful people I would not have at least one of my grandchildren now, we cannot cut staff or beds at this hospital. If anything with our ever-growing population we need more hospital staff and beds period.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..5 August 2013

Australia is now in election mode, 33 days of dribble and broken promises, by the time September 7 comes around will we really care. I have said before that I am a swinging voter, and this time I am swinging towards the Coalition and Tony Abbott. It is time for a change, the ALP have really stuffed it up, the Coalition will make mistakes as well but along the way they will also correct some of the mistakes the ALP have made, while maintaining any good policies the ALP may have put in place. I say give the Coalition two terms at least, they cannot hope to correct everything in just one term, and then at the third election keep them in if they are doing OK, and if not swing back to the ALP.

One thing I do not agree with is the changing of a duly elected Prime Minister mid-term. I know it is the party we vote for, but to be perfectly honest it also has a lot to do with the leader, whether we like it or not it’s a fact. In saying that, and I know I am going to come across as a misogynistic hypocrite, I am so glad the ALP dumped Julia Gillard, but then again she did cast the first stone.

I am not feeling the best again tonight, this lurgy is just hanging around, it hasn’t quite got me but it’s not ready to stop trying either. Maybe after a good night’s sleep I will feel better in the morning, right now I don’t feel like going to work tomorrow but I do have a meeting tomorrow night. At least I can look forward to my day off on Wednesday.

Is everyone enjoying Big Brother this year, they are quite an eclectic bunch. For some reason I am drawn towards Tim, he is as annoying and confrontational as anyone I have ever met, but there is just something about him. The sisters that went in tonight I can take or leave. I quite like Drew as well, he does need to wash his hair but I think he is a nice boy, actually all the boys seem a likeable bunch with the exception of Rohan.

My head is starting to ache, I need to go to bed. Goodnight and thank you for reading, and welcome to my new readers.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 January 2013

Brian and I had a lazy day today, we both slept in quite late and have done very little all day. Kane and his wife Kristin came for tea with their 4 children, and we had a surprise visit from another grandson Cody with his mother and two of his cousins on his mother’s side, all in all not a bad day.

Tea was nothing flash just chicken, chips and salad followed by cheese cake. The grandchildren all have good appetites and ate quite well and then ran it off playing with their father in the backyard while we watched. They have just left and we have cleaned up what little mess there was as Kane and Kristin had already done most of it.

I heard the other day some rubbish on television about abolishing the states here in Australia, I am a firm believer that if it aint broke don’t fix it, so I am completely against this ridiculous proposal. In saying that however, I do feel there is much room for improvement, I think  Australia is too small a country to have different laws for the same thing in different states, I would like to see that changed. I also do not think the states should have separate state taxes from the federal taxation system.

Should the federal government take over responsibility for all the laws of the land, and all legislation, with common Acts for this and that  surely there would be some cost savings, it could then become the responsibility of the state governments to police this and ensure compliance. I suppose I am very naive but that is what I think.

While the government is about it, increase the driving age to 18, increase the legal age for voting, drinking of alcohol and the like back to 21, and decrease the hours during which alcohol is available for purchase. Thoughts of a middle-aged man is quickly becoming “Thoughts of a Grumpy Old Man” 🙂

Thank you for reading.