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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 March 2013

Whilst being served in the deli section of our local Drake supermarket last night I made somewhat of a faux pas. I was in the process of being served when a guy came and stood next to me to wait his turn, another attendant asked what he was after and he gestured towards me not knowing that I was already being served. Without flinching I acknowledged this by turning around and saying thank you Mate, Mate was a rather butch looking woman who did not look amused.

Today has been a very long day, not only did I have a busy day at the office but I also had an after hours AGM at Seaford Rise, quite a drive, I finally got home at 9.00pm. It was one hairy drive there, drivers down south are feral, they drive like lunatics. Not only was I in very unfamiliar territory, it was raining, people were cutting others off and generally driving in a most unsafe manner, not what I am used to. We will never live down south, it is such a long way from everything.

People of Northgate, Ridgehaven and the surrounding suburbs beware, you are about to be invaded by a 2.4 metre glossy of Brian in all his glory. That’s right, Brian’s photograph will be appearing on billboards at the entrances to the Northgate and Ridgehaven Masonic Retirement villages, the stuff that nightmares are made of. Joking aside he is quite chuffed as he should be, the photograph is quite flattering, who would not feel welcomed by his friendly smile.

Another busy day tomorrow so off to bed. Thank you for reading.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..16 March 2013

As I wrote yesterday our granddaughter Jade slept over last night, she has stayed here on a number of occasions and not once has she slept through the night, it is usually bed at midnight and up at 7.00. Last night was a different matter thanks to Papa’s secret weapon, and no I did not slip my granddaughter a Valium, I dragged an old stuiffed bunny out of the cupboard, it worked a treat. Said bunny is now sitting proudly on the spare bed ready for the next visit.

Jade and I had a leisurely morning as Brian was called to one of the retirement villages he manages, vandals were attempting to start a fire. Alls well that ends well, the vandals got nabbed, Brian came home, and we took Jade home.

There was one slight hiccup this morning that may mean Jade will be in therapy for the rest of her life. Jade never goes upstairs without asking, and more than once I have left her downstairs alone while I nipped upstairs for a shower, she is quite happy to watch television and play by herself for a few minutes. She is also as quiet as a mouse and I don’t know who got the biggest shock this morning when Papa walked from the bathroom to his bedroom in all his glory only to be confronted by cute granddaughter. I bet that is a vision that is now burnt into her retinas for life, poor child.

Brian is in agony with his back today, he does not know what has aggravated it but he can hardly move and is now sound asleep, probably the best thing for him. He was in so much pain he got me to drive home this morning. I will wake him up about 4.30 as we are going to Kane and Kristin’s for tea, hence the reason I am writing early.

Less waffle, more YouTube, I think I might watch some videos about, you guessed it, pigeon racing. Bye for now and thank you for reading.

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