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Holiday Time

Just another five working days and then two weeks off, I cannot wait. Two weeks where I will not be abused by clients, two weeks where I do not have to clean up the mess of former co-workers, two weeks when I don’t have to wear shoes or trousers, two weeks of peace and quiet with Brian and my family.

Then just a few months later we will be off to China, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I really can’t wait for that. What a way to celebrate my sixtieth birthday, which is actually in November but we are holidaying early. I’m not sure that I will do anything else for the big “six o”, definitely not a party, maybe just dinner with my immediate family.

I don’t know why people get so upset about birthdays and getting older, it is far better than the alternative, and for me each birthday brings me one year closer to retirement, a big holiday. I would retire tomorrow if I could but we have a mortgage to pay off first. I am aiming for 65, I think that’s achievable.

In the meantime back I will go to the daily grind in 2018, more of other people’s messes to clean up, more abuse from bad tempered clients, and I suppose I will have to go back to shoes and trousers.

Growing old is better than the alternative

I take so much medication that I am sure I must rattle, in fact it is a standing joke in our house. I have high cholesterol, high blood pressure and an irritable bowel. Brian finds the last one most amusing as he says I am usually the cause of an irritable bowel.

I take anti depressants, I am a Type 2 diabetic, fortunately no medication for that as it is diet controlled. Add to that glucosamine and fish oil as I have arthritis in my lower back and the back of both knees, and how could I forget my thyroid medication as I have an under active thyroid.

Now while it might sound like I am looking for sympathy or just having a whine I’m not really, as all this is much better than the alternative, at least I have a pulse.

I have already lived longer than some that I have loved and lost, and I intend to be around for very much longer. Sorry boys but I am going to do my very best to spend your inheritance, and what I don’t spend Brian will.

There is still a lot to do in this life, I am determined not to work until I am a wrinkled old fart, I want to enjoy my retirement when it comes, and it cannot come quick enough. I am looking forward immensely to racing my pigeons and spending more time with Brian and my family.

As I am just a tad older than Brian and will therefore presumably retire first, it will become my job to run the house and prepare the meals whilst he continues to work so he can keep me in the style to which I have become accustomed. Hopefully by the time he retires we will still have a number of good years to enjoy what will be left of our time together.

Both of my parents are about to turn 80, I intend to beat that. I consider myself very fortunate, while I may rattle I am relatively healthy, nothing life threatening, and I have a healthy attitude towards life. I wouldn’t change a thing.


Contemplating Retirement

Retirement, what a lovely word, it gives ones sorry life a glimmer of hope. I am now on the downward spiral towards my retirement, 24 November 2023, the day after my 65th birthday, and while I do not want to wish my life away I am very much looking forward to that day.

But wait, what is that I read, Australia has an aging population, the governments welfare bill is spiralling, I have to work until I am 67, another two years, crap. What a dottering, grumpy old man I will be by then, 24 November 2025. I simply cannot imagine working beyond 65, but that is my reality. As for Brian, ha, he has to work until he is 70.

While I can see the government’s point of view, on the flip side won’t all of us oldies be taking work away from the next generation. Australia’s aging population may be on the rise but does that not mean that we have more younger people as well, which in turn then means more taxes for the government. Maybe we don’t have to work the older generation into their graves.

I have wonderful plans for my retirement, I will potter around with my racing pigeons which will take up most of my time, maybe a little volunteer work. Brian has told me that if I am not working and he is, did I say he has to work until he is 70, ha, that the housework, and the cooking, and the grocery shopping will be my responsibility, I can live with that. Oh and by the way I will not be tussling with the young ones at the supermarket during late night or weekend trading, I want to shop in peace, during the day, nothing worse than shuffling behind someone elderly.

I will have nine years to do my own thing at my own pace, Brian had better make his own plans for his retirement, don’t think you are cramping my style buddy, do your own thing. Oh and by the way, when you retire we can share the housework and the cooking, after all I will almost be a fossil by then, and you will be looking after me. Double ha!

Then again there is always the possibility of winning lotto, one can only hope. In that case I would retire in a heartbeat, Brian can do what he likes. Then of course the other possibility is that Brian lands a dream job and can afford to keep me in the style to which I would like to become accustomed. Dream on.