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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..8 April 2012

Well so much for my beauty sleep, when I woke up this morning there was that same frumpy, little old man staring back from the mirror, I obviously did not sleep long enough.

Another busy day, first stop Kane’s. I tested both Caitlin and Alyssa on their spelling, both did very well, and then 4-year-old Jayden showed me how he can write his name. He was very proud of himself as was his beaming father and Papa.

Next stop was the nursing home to see mother, she looked the best she has in ages, and to think just a couple of weeks ago we thought she was dying. We took her some photos of my children and grandchildren she had been asking for and stuck them on her wall, that made her very happy. Just before we left my nephew Scott called in so that was another nice surprise for her.

After a quick stop home for a change of clothes we were off to an engagement party, not your conventional engagement party, but pleasant enough.

Tomorrow Brian’s mother is coming for a roast pork lunch, it seems like all I have done all weekend is eat, I had better check my sugar levels.

Yesterday I had the first overseas visitors to my blog, from South Korea, I hope they become regular readers.

You know I have said it before and I will say it again, it is sometimes difficult to know what to write, so if you have any suggestions, if you would like my take on any subject, and I have views on may, please drop me a line.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..31 March 2012

It was up early this morning, something unheard of for me on a Saturday, as Blake came back from Queensland early and I had to collect him from the airport, then back home to make a pasta salad for lunch.

Lunch was at Gink and Wade’s, a barbecue attended by the entire family except Ryan and his family. Such a shame they did not come as it was a lovely afternoon.

We bought Cody home with us as he was staying the night and then quite out of the blue just after dinner  he started to cry and said he wanted to go home. This is most unlike him as he has stayed with us numerous times but as he was quite upset I took him home.

I then settled down to a night of television….boring! At least the mighty Crows had a win today.