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Model for an Australian monarchy

The subject of Australia becoming a republic rather than having Queen Elizabeth II and her descendants as our head of state is never far from the headlines, it rears its ugly head with monotonous regularity, particularly when a federal election is pending. I make no bones about the fact that I have a passion for all things royal, so why not  create our own monarchial system, a model unique to Australia.

A Royal Family could help unify the nation as they would be above politics, as are other modern royal families. Look at the way the crowds flock whenever Queen Elizabeth or any of her immediate family make a public appearance, and what wonderful ambassadors they are for Great Britain when travelling abroad. What of the Danish Royal Family and our own Crown Princess Mary, crowds flock to see her and Crown Prince Frederick at every opportunity……..I know, I am a crackpot! ūüôā

Other than the selection of our first monarch the infrastructure is already in place. The monarch could reside in Yarralumla, the current residence of the Governor-General, whose position would become redundant. There are residences in every capital city for our current state Governors, these would become royal residences and the position of Governor would also become redundant.

The Prime Minster does not require two official residences so¬†Kirribilli House could be sold, and when travelling interstate the Prime Minister could stay in one of the previous state Governor “royal” residences.

As for the Civil List or wages for the monarch, wages previously paid to the Governor-General would suffice, and for the Heir Apparent, wages equal to one of the former Governors, so no additional expense, in fact there would be a considerable saving.

What of the extended royal family, only the Heir Apparent and their immediate family would be funded by the Civil List, all other members of the Royal Family, including the siblings of the Heir Apparent, ¬†would have to earn their own way, although grace¬†and favour residences in the various royal residences may¬†be provided for the monarch’s children, for which they would contribute a nominal amount. These residences are already fully staffed so no additional expense.

All other grandchildren of the monarch¬†would need to find their own way in the world once they become adults, no civil list and no additional “royal” residences.

As for royal security, the Governor General and the state governors already have security so no additional expense.

I am not talking about instituting a new “Honors” system, we already have one so why change it. No Knight or Dames, no aristocracy. The children of a monarch would be styled Prince or Princess, but not their children, only those of each consecutive¬†Heir Apparent, and their children.

Should an Heir predecease the monarch and have no children, the next in line would become Heir with all the privilege and title that came with it. Naturally their children would also be elevated to Prince or Princess.

What about interstate and overseas travel, yes the federal government would have to meet the bill for that, but it’s not like they would be travelling overseas every week, and accommodation, again a minimal expense.

Royal ceremonies? No coronation just the swearing of an¬†oath, royal weddings would be at the monarch’s own expense, official opening of parliament, come on we do need a little razzle dazzle. What about state banquets for overseas heads of state, we already have them. Crown¬†jewels, back to the razzle dazzle, but nothing over the top.

Day to day travel, all state Governors have official cars and chauffeurs so nothing would change. There, I think I have everything covered, the only thing left is to order my straight jacket and private suite in the penitentiary.

I have had a lot of fun coming up with all this, quite harmless and not too serious. Have a laugh if you like, I have.

Published the Royal House of Mitchell

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..16 April 2014

I make so secret of the fact that I am a royal sycophant, I read everything I can about the Royal Family, and today I have been glued to the television as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince George, commence their tour of our great nation. The Duchess looked beautiful, the Duke spoke eloquently and was very well-informed on current matters, and Prince George is a cute little chubber.  Both the Duke and Duchess took their time when speaking to not only those presented to them, but those that lined the route of the walkabout. They are both wonderful ambassadors for Britain and the Royal Family, the Queen and the Prince of Wales must be very proud, as would be Diana.

Another shake-up in the New South¬†Wales government, the reputation¬†of the former Premier Barry¬†O’Farrell¬†is in tatters, and all¬†over a bottle of wine. How many of us¬†have not been presented¬†with a gift as a way of being congratulated, why should this¬†man’s career be ruined over one bottle of wine.¬†Surely as a nation we have bigger things to worry about.

I am pleased to see the Queensland police¬†have made¬†an arrest over the Chloe Campbell abduction, but how ridiculous was it that the faces of the Campbell¬†family¬†that have been splashed all over the nation’s media are now blurred¬†out just because an arrest has been made, and a court case is now pending. I am sure no-one can remember what they look like.

I am a bit deflated at the moment, I thought I had found the perfect loft for my racing pigeons, and I was quietly confident that this weekend I would have not only my loft but also its first inhabitants. I have just found out this loft is 13 metres long, just a tad too big for our back yard, and way too big for what I actually want. My next idea is to buy three or four single aviaries and join them together, yes that might work. Damn I wish I had some handyman skills, but neither Brian nor I are blessed in that way.

You know I don’t really ask for much in this world, and I expect even less, all I ask is that every now and then those that mean¬†the most to me in this world give me just a couple¬†of minutes of their time. I know that we are living in a busy world, and I don’t want to put anyone on a guilt trip. Just take the time to say hello, return my message, return my phone call, just a couple of minutes is all I ask. I know you don’t mean to be abrupt, and I am certain you don’t mean to hurt my feelings, but you do.