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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 May 2012

Dinner tonight was pork fillet stuffed with blue cheese and finger, that’s right finger. As I was slicing the pork fillets to stuff them I put a 20cm slice through my finger, that’s one way of getting Brian to cook. He is no Florence Nightingale but he did the best job he could dressing the wound, never any duct tape around when I need it. After all that dinner was a disaster, not Brian’s fault really, I think it was the finger.

After dinner we went to Mellissa’s 30th birthday party. Mellissa is the mother of my eldest grandson Cody. Kane and Kristin went as well so I got to see five of my grandchildren. We did not stay that long as Brian’s back was a bit sore tonight, must have been the after affect of cooking dinner.

The theme of the party was the 80s as Mellissa was born in 1982; Brian and I do not do themes so we went dressed as we would for any other party. I had to have a laugh as not long after we arrived one of Mellissa’s younger guests asked Brian if he came dressed as Buddy Holly. Lord knows who he thought I was.

Not a good night for the Adelaide Crows tonight but at least they were not really disgraced, you have to lose one now and then. Fingers crossed the loss will make them hungry for another win next week.

Off to bed now, I have to rest my finger 🙂



Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 May 2012

Tonight I thought I would watch the Eurovision Song Contest to fill in some time. The very first act was a guy from Montenegro, simply terrible, I won’t make that mistake again. I have to admit the second act from Iceland were better but I just could not get into it.

Julia Zemiro hosted a special in the lead up to the song contest where she travelled through Europe in a combi van interviewing past performers and winners, that was interesting. With the breakup of the USSR and Yugoslavia there are now so many more European countries to see.

I have to admit though that Azerbaijan did seem to be doing a good job of hosting the contest. I don’t know what I expected the capital Baku to look like, but it was much more modern than I imagined.

Tonight’s dinner was poached smoked cod with a cheese sauce. Brian said it was the best fish meal I had ever done, I have to admit it was not bad.

My sister Carolyn phoned tonight and told me how much she enjoyed one of Blake’s recent wrestling shows, she said he is very talented, gets it from his father. High Risk Pro Wrestling is the name of his company, next time you see them advertised give it a go, it is a cheap night out and the kids love it. Good on you Son.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 May 2012

Am I the only person in Australia who is sick to death of the Craig Thomson saga? Regardless of what anyone thinks the jury is still out on whether he has a case to answer. In an interview today Mr Thomson suggested that perhaps the entire matter could be dealt with a little more surreptitiously and I have to admit that I tend to agree. I don’t want to hear anymore about it until such time as the enquiry is complete, then tell us the findings, and if necessary take any action deemed to be required against Mr Thomson. You have to feel sorry for the guys family.

I have another question, Seal, Mel B, Brian McFadden, Joel Madden, the host of The Voice whoever he is, whatever happened to our great Australian talent, why do we have to “adopt” overseas artists to host and judge Australian TV shows. Further on that subject we can only hope the AFL have learnt from the Meatloaf debacle, Aussie talent please.

Alan Carr: The Chatty Man, this guy gets funnier every week, he is so naughty but you just have to laugh. On tonight’s show he even made Kim Kardashian look interesting.

For those of you who don’t know I live near the beach and it is a wild and wooly night outside tonight. The wind is very strong , a great night to be tucked up in bed.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 May 2012

It was a struggle to get out of bed this morning as I was not feeling the best. I went downstairs and had breakfast and made a cup of tea, four hours later I woke up to a cold cuppa. I still have a bit of a headache.

Another success with dinner tonight, chicken with Jarlsberg cheese.

Is everyone enjoying The Block as much as I am, at least it is not a repeat. Tonight’s challenge to build a cubby house was a fun one, the kids seemed to like the end product.

We also watched a couple of shows on SBS, the first about the Indian wilderness, and the second an epic adventure through Canada. There certainly are some beautiful places to see around the world, one day it will be my turn, one day soon.

I hope I am not boring everyone too much, I know my life can be quite mundane at the moment. The calm before the storm.

To finish a quote from The Secret, “You are like a human transmission tower, transmitting a frequency with your thoughts. If you want to change anything in your life, change the frequency by changing your thoughts”.

Thoughts of a middle age man…..22 May 2012

Today is the 30th anniversary of the death of my paternal grandmother, she died on the 71 st birthday of her husband, my grandfather, who would have been 101 today. Grandpa passed six and a half years later in 1988. I hope that other members of my family remember you both as I do, you were the most wonderful grandparents, and Grandma I really miss your Pavlova.

I found out today I am on the shortlist for a job, it is one that I really want and I could not be happier. Send all your positive vibes my way family and friends and this time next week I will have some good news for a change.

Brian and I both enjoyed dinner tonight, marinated loin lamb chops with seasoned potatoes, damn good if I do say so.

I added another link to Graham’s Goodies today, you can now purchase eBooks, go to http://www.grahamsgoodies.net/pigeon_racing.html.

I am really getting into the new television show on Channel 10 Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, the acting is pretty good, and then on comes NCIS, another repeat. I am so tired of repeats.

It is now past my bewitching hour, I need my beauty sleep.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 May 2012

The highlight of today Revenge, this really is one of the best television shows of recent years, I am looking forward to finding out just who gets shot next week.

Earlier today I watched the Diamond Queen, a documentary about Queen Elizabeth, she has had an interesting life. If only you could interview the real person and get her take on the things she has seen and the people she has met, it would be truly fascinating.

Earlier today I published a blog about drugs and drink driving, if you have not read it I urge you to do so, and if you agree with me please share it with your friends.

I really am very tired all of a sudden so its off to bed. Take care all!

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..20 May 2012

Tonight I have found out what true friendship means, you both know who you are and tonight I am humbled, thank you so very much.

I have applied for a job today that I really want, and again I have been humbled by an unexpected source who has agreed to be a referee for me, thank you very much. It seems that my time as a strata manager was not wasted.

So much for Channel Nine’s conspiracy theory about Kerri-Anne Kennerley winning Dancing With The Stars, she was kicked off tonight. It was actually a bit harsh as both Brian Mannix and Jessica Watson are worse dancers but it is the people’s choice and the people have spoken.

Downton Abbey is back, what a great show, the acting is superb as are the sets. I am afraid I can’t say the same for Castle tonight, the storyline was just a tad far-fetched.

I had a very nice visit with my son Ryan today, we talked more than we have in a very long time. He does surprise me at times.

The mighty Adelaide Crow army marched through Victoria today tearing a hole in Carlton as they went. Number 2 on the AFL ladder now guys, keep it up and a premiership will be yours for the taking.

A quote from The Secret, “Thoughts are magnetic, and thoughts have a frequency. As you think thoughts, they are sent out into the Universe, and they magnetically attract all like things that are on the same frequency. Everything sent out returns to the source – you.”