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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 November 2013

The gastro bug has me in its grips again, I came home from work early yesterday as I was having the most terrible stomach cramps and I am off to the doctor this afternoon. This has been going on for weeks now, no sooner do I get over it and have a good few days and it is back again.

The Dancing With The Stars finale was last night, with Cosentino the ultimate winner taking home the Mirror Ball trophy. The best three were definitely in the final, either Rhiannon Fish or Tina Arena could easily have won, but congratulations to Cosentino and his professional partner Jessica Raffa.

Turning 55 last weekend has made me a little nostalgic, things have certainly changed at a fast pace since I came into this world. I remember as a small child my mother heating up the wood fire copper to wash the clothes, we did not have a refrigerator, it was still only an ice box, and we did not have a television or home phone.

The first house I recall living in was on Main North Road at Nailsworth, now the site of a used car yard, there was no inside toilet, it was way down the back yard. Mum had a chamber pot or gazunder, so-called because it “gaz” under the bed, it must have been a joy for Dad listening to mother on that thing every night.

Now we have the internet, mobile phones, man regularly goes into space. It makes me wonder where it will end, I simply cannot imagine the world my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will inherit. One of world peace I hope.

Tonight I am off to see world famous wrestlers Orlando Jordan and Hardcore Holly courtesy of High Risk Pro Wrestling at Elizabeth East. Why not come along and check it out http://www.hrpw.com.au/

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..2 October 2013

You know I have never been particularly fond of Tina Arena, I have always thought of her as rather spoilt and full of her own self-importance, and according to media reports I have read she can be quite difficult to work with. a real diva. Last night on Dancing With The Stars I saw a whole new side to Tina, she was very humble, quite shy, and extremely charming, and on top of that she danced her butt off, what a great job she did. I like this version of Tina and I look forward to following her journey on DWTS.

My 26-year-old son Blake is in agony at the moment and badly in need of a dentist, the pain is driving him up the wall and he has not had a decent sleep in days. If you are ill you can always go to the hospital emergency department, but where do you go for emergency dental, there is nowhere in Adelaide, he has to wait 8 days unless he can afford to go private, it’s a disgrace.

Tonight I had one of the most difficult inaugural meetings I have ever done, I really had to work hard to get this one so I hope it is worth it. The original meeting was adjourned as no-one turned up, three of the four owners came tonight but they did not want to make a decision without the fourth owner, fortunately one of them could see sense and talked the other two around.

It is a wild and woolly night here in Adelaide, the wind is howling outside. The worst of the weather has apparently passed so hopefully in the morning we will be back to Spring.

This week has been full on, I am stuffed and I feel like I have worked a full week already. I am really looking forward to a nice long weekend, albeit a very busy one. No rest for the wicked.