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A Family Wedding

Yesterday Brian and I attended the wedding of my niece by my marriage to my ex-wife Paula. The wedding was held at St Laurence Church in North Adelaide, a beautiful old church.

My niece Nicky was very nervous but absolutely beautiful, as was my other niece Diana who was maid of honour, my great-niece Mikayla who was bridesmaid, and my great-great-niece Charlotte, who was flower girl. Martin, Nicky’s husband, looked very smart as well.

Nicky’s wedding was a welcome chance for me to catch up with my former in-laws to whom I was very close whilst married to Paula, in fact we are still very much family and I look forward to every opportunity to catch up. The fact is that I still feel closer to Paula’s family than I do my own.

The reception at the Radisson Playford in Adelaide was a very spiffy affair, the room was beautiful, and the food was exceptional. My only complaint was that the DJ was a bit loud, or that might just be me getting old. My sister-in-law Dina, Nicky’s mother, made the wedding cake, it was truly beautiful, I defy anyone to buy something better.

Brian poor thing got a bit bored, let’s face it they were never his family he has just inherited them, and although he has met most of them several times, and they have always treated him with the utmost respect, he has little to talk to them about. He did the right thing by me though which is the most important thing, and he got stopped by a breath test station on the way home but was clean as a whistle.

Unfortunately, and to Nicky’s dismay, only two of my sons and their partners were able to attend the wedding, she would have loved to have shared her day with them all but it was not to be. I am just very touched that after all these years Nicky still wanted to share her day with me.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 November 2013

The wedding Brian and I attended last night went very well, it was not big and splashy, but not quite small and intimate either. The ceremony was held in Veale Gardens, short and sweet like I think all wedding ceremonies should be, followed by the reception at Pavillion on the Park in the Terrace Room.

The canapes were delicious as was the entrée and dessert, however I was a little disappointed in my main, not that I think there was anything wrong with it, it was just not to my taste. The young man who waited our table all night did an exemplary job as I told him when we left.

It makes me laugh at so  many functions nowadays, the music that gets everyone up dancing is invariably from the 70s and 80s, very little modern stuff. It was not a late night for us, we don’t dance and the young ones, particularly the females, were starting to get messy so it was time to go.

This afternoon we had the entire family over for lunch to celebrate my birthday yesterday, what a lovely afternoon. They have all gone home now, the dishwasher is on and everything is back to normal. I guess that’s it for another year. I could do with a Papa nap but it is getting a bit late for that.

Leftovers for dinner, a bit of ironing, some television and an early night. What a life, wouldn’t change a thing.